Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 20th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 – 20th June 2023 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Priya expressing her disappointment to Ram for not informing her about the mehndi ceremony. She had to cancel her appointments because these functions hold significance for their family, even if they may seem like formalities to them. Ram assures her that he will be more careful in the future and suggests they take some mangoes along since he loves mangoes and puris. Ram mentions the India Eats app, which offers discounts, and encourages Priya to try it out. Priya tells him to go home while she gets ready, as her clothes are not suitable yet. Ram questions her decision, and she explains that she will get ready and join him later through the window. He agrees and leaves.

Meanwhile, Uncle mentions that they should have a great party, and he has brought branded alcohol for Ram. Sanjeev apologizes and requests him not to serve alcohol as nobody will be drinking it. Uncle agrees and takes the alcohol away. Anju reassures Ram that nobody will force him to drink, but they can serve the guests who might prefer alcohol. Ram expresses his aversion towards alcohol, mentioning that he lost his brother due to it. Anju suggests serving cold drinks instead, which brings a smile to Shreya’s face.

Later, Shalini notices that Priya hasn’t arrived yet, but Anju assures her that she will come. Meanwhile, Ritika brings ice cream to the gathering, apologizing for the lack of electricity. Shardul remarks that it’s fun to have ice cream in such a situation. Shalini wonders where Ram is, considering he was with Priya earlier. Shardul proposes that Ram could be attempting to fix the lights by himself to impress Priya. Overhearing their conversation, Shreya formulates a plan to sabotage Priya’s marriage with Ram. Kriti inquires about the plan, and Shalini summons Shreya.

Anju asks Priya if she is ready, and Priya confirms it. Ram enters her room through the window and explains that he was on a work call, searching for network reception. He saw Priya and decided to come to her room. Priya expresses her concern about the consequences of them going out together, as it may raise questions about her character and her parents’ upbringing. She feels scared and emphasizes the differences between their worlds, mentioning that Kriti is also present, which worries her. Ram reassures her, stating that they can do anything since people already believe they love each other. However, Priya disagrees, highlighting their different backgrounds and urging him to be careful.

Meanwhile, Shalini asks Priya to come out, stating that she doesn’t need to get ready as she is already beautiful. Everyone notices Ram and Priya in the room, leading Shreya to make a sarcastic comment. Shalini affirms her trust in Ram and Priya, believing that they will always uphold their values. She assumes that Ram must have had an important matter to discuss. Ram explains that his company is sponsoring several events that day, and he was looking for a network signal. Priya changed her clothes and overheard him shouting, so she asked him to come to her room to talk. Shalini instructs them to come out now.

Priya expresses her gratitude to Ram for saving her from the situation. As everyone faces a power cut, Priya tries to ease the inconvenience by using newspapers to fan the air. Shalini praises Priya’s intelligence and refers to her as “beauty with brains.” Kriti approaches Ram and compliments him, to which he responds by reminding her that everyone is looking at them. He leaves, and Priya apologizes to him, but he takes responsibility and jokes about the situation. Shalini mentions how Ram used to eat directly from the kadai and that she expects him to obey her always.

In the meantime, Shreya manipulates Priya’s cousins against her, suggesting that they throw a bachelor party for Ram, and she will handle the rest. Anju presents Shagun clothes to Ram and requests him to change. Ram graciously accepts the gift and proceeds to get changed. Meanwhile, the arrival of Yuvraj and Alekha captures Priya’s attention.


Sanjeev returns home and expresses anger towards Ram. He declares that he won’t let Priya marry Ram.

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