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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

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The episode begins with Shreya stating that Priya will finally be leaving the house. Kriti suggests they go to Ram’s office and they all leave together. Anju questions why Priya is remaining silent, as her family may misunderstand her. She then reflects on giving freedom and trust to their daughters, but now that Priya is married, she must make some adjustments. Anju wonders why Priya is behaving this way, especially since the Kapoors are wealthy. Sanjeev argues that Priya has always taken the blame for protecting others, and assures Anju that there must be a reason for her silence. Anju concedes and suggests that perhaps Priya is trying to cover up someone’s mistake in her in-laws’ house. She adds that if this is the case, Priya should confide in her parents instead of being so stubborn. Finally, Anju decides to call Priya and try to explain things to her.

She reaches out to Priya, wondering if she has already left to attend to her patients and alleviate their suffering. Expressing her concern, she states that Priya cannot bear to see anyone in pain. Adding on, she mentions Shalini’s trust and affection towards Priya, and her intention not to let it be tarnished. She suggests accompanying Priya to the clinic in question, as they might learn something valuable. Remaining optimistic, he replies that they should have faith in Priya and wait for her explanation. The guard promptly opens the office upon their arrival and is taken aback by the sight of bloodstains and disarray inside. Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, he immediately contacts the police for assistance. Shivani expresses disappointment over their interrupted plans of having breakfast with friends, citing Shalini’s demand for them to show up at the office instead. Mitali blames Shalini for ruining her sleep and Shivani enquires about Shalini’s plan for them all. She turns to the group for any insights they may have.

As Shalini brings out the food, Shivani mentions that Ram is not at home and is worried about Priya’s recent scandal. She adds that he is feeling ashamed and avoiding them. Mitali shares that Priya did not return home last night and they have no idea where she could be. She believes that Shalini made a mistake in choosing Priya as their daughter-in-law. Agreeing with her, Shivani states that they always had doubts about Priya’s commitment towards the marriage. Hearing these taunts, Shalini asks Shivani to refrain from making such comments. Trying to convince them otherwise, Mitali suggests breaking off the marriage as she believes that Priya is only interested in their wealth. However, Shalini defends Priya by saying she is a kind-hearted girl raised with good values and self-esteem. She also adds that it could all be a misunderstanding and they should talk to Priya to hear her side of the story because she truly loves Ram and takes care of both him and her as her own family.

According to Mitali, Priya had ulterior motives for marrying Ram and Shalini becomes upset. But Sona, Shivani’s daughter, interrupts and defends Priya’s character. She insists that Priya is the best and has not been unfaithful. She is willing to do anything to help Sona and her new boyfriend Jay, even at the expense of her own. This caused Shivani to ask about Akhil and Sona’s feelings for him.

According to Sona, Akhil’s intentions were never genuine towards me. Instead, he was only attracted to Ram’s wealth. Thanks to Priya’s intervention, his true colours were exposed. I found out that he was seeing someone else while dating me. Interestingly enough, Neha happens to be a friend of Priya’s. When I sought Priya’s help, I also confided in her not to disclose this information to anyone. Soon after, I reconnected with an old college friend, Jay. Unfortunately, when Priya saw us together, she urged me to tell our families about it. However, fear got the best of me and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Thankfully offered her support and encouraged me to come clean with you and Ram since you both value love and relationships dearly. Please forgive me for my mistake- Priya truly is a kind-hearted person who is currently in tears due to this situation. Shalini expressed her regret for doubting Priya’s character and promised to always stand by her daughter-in-law who did nothing wrong in this scenario.

A man in the office tells Shreya and Kriti that Ram and Priya are missing, there are blood marks, so the police are investigating. Guards state the inspector.

As a recap:

Shreya says you added chemical pills to Ram’s drink; he can’t even handle alcohol. Kriti worries. Priya asks Ram to wake up. Sona shows Shalini some news.

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