Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 13th June 2022 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 13th June 2023 Written Update on

Ram tells Kriti about Priya. She says it is hard for her to see you with someone, so he says he is doing this for her, and he will tell her when she is well, I love you and I will marry you when you are ready. She says thanks, she has put everything on the line.

He says I wish all your dreams come true. She says you are the best guy in this world. He says never leave me. She says never, I love you. Yuvraj asks Alekha why are you tense. She says answer my questions. Ram didn’t check the papers, he says. Alekha says tomorrow is his engagement.

He says we will go and give this file to Ram, come. Priya talks to Anju and everyone. She says we’ll give it to him tomorrow. He says you should give it to him. She says I want a simple marriage. Anju says we’ll fulfil Shalini’s dreams. Ram is marrying for his mother’s sake, Priya says yes, we’re doing that.

Ram’s father asks Priya if she really wants to marry him. Priya remembers Ram’s words and replies yes, she does. Ram is approached by Shalini. She tells Sona that it’s my son’s wedding, so take as many selfies as you want. Sona snaps photos. Shardul teases Ram. Ram says you have to undergo the surgery after 7 days.

Shalini says let me live well, I’ve got to make plans for your marriage. He hugs her and says love you. Alekha and Yuvraj arrive. She asks Ram to take the papers. Ram says Priya isn’t after me and my property, we were wrong. Shardul takes Yuvraj with him. Alekha exclaims, “Wow! However, I believe you should sign this contract. There is no harm in doing so.”

The lady asks him to get ready for the engagement. Ram and Shalini welcome Priya and her family. Ram greets Priya. The relatives comment on Priya’s family. We will question them to see how well Priya knows Ram. Shalini believes she will do well in this question-and-answer round. Ram thinks it will be a disaster. Priya thinks I don’t know much about him other than his name.

Ram worries. Priya says Ram likes to eat everything, but his favourite dish is cake, he ate the whole cake I baked on New Year’s. Shalini says right, I m the witness. Everyone claps. Ram says she can’t always answer. He sits eating. Shardul says you’re stressed when she’s getting questioned. Yuvraj thinks to get the contract marriage paper to break their relationship. A lady asks Priya what her favourite colour is. Alekha says I don’t know either. Priya says red. Ram signs her.

Priya says his favourite colour isn’t red, but maroon pink. Shalini says yes, that’s why I’m wearing this colour today, she knows Ram well. Ram asks Shardul to do something. Everyone asks Priya to sing Ram’s favourite song. Shardul spills water on Ram’s clothes. As he changes, he says he will come after changing.

A grateful Priya thanks Shardul for saving her life. Ram is my childhood friend, and I can do anything to keep him safe. She says Ram is lucky, to have one loyal friend in life is a blessing. Yuvraj looks for the papers. Ram changes. Yuvraj hides. Shalini says I don’t know Priya’s tastes, I bought everything based on my own desires. Ram comes to change. Yuvraj hides.


He gives her a tissue and says I can’t help you, I’ll sit here, you can cry. Priya smiles.


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