Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 9th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 9th June 2023. Written Episode Update

Shalini approaches Ram and Priya to make a proposal. She says, “You came to propose to Priya, carry on.” Then she leaves with Anju. Anju remarks, “Shalini has strong feelings for Priya and she will take good care of her. I’ll handle this situation.” Ram’s father predicts, “Priya will reject Ram’s marriage proposal. She expresses her desire to remain single and not get married.”

Ram says I want to marry my girlfriend, but she doesn’t want to marry right now, my mom has kept a condition that she will get the operation done if I marry, we’ll get married, and your parents will force you to marry someone as well. It’s a ridiculous plot, she says we can’t marry.

He says it’s a ridiculous situation and proposes that they should make Yuvraj jealous, but that he wouldn’t likely care. However, he suggests it would be helpful if they could get on board with the idea as it merely requires them to do it for three months. Shalini informs them that the couple is still in discussion. Anju brings her some tea and Shalini asks for extra sugar, though Anju informs her it’s sugarless tea. Priya’s dad then obtains biscuits as a surprise for everyone. Shalini expresses her gratitude and states this is all part of creating a great future for their children. Ram and Priya announce that they have sorted out their differences and will marry soon, much to Shalini’s delight who embraces them both warmly.

She exclaims, “I’m filled with joy! Please stay together and be happy,” while embracing them. The following morning, Priya is engaged in cleaning duties. Her father inquires if she regrets the marriage, but she denies it, explaining that she is assisting her mother. Ritika questions why she accepted Ram’s proposal. Curious, her father asks what transpired, prompting her to share her story.

Priya responds, “I’m fine, just look at the state of the dining table.” Meanwhile, Anju receives a call from her aunt, announcing that Priya’s marriage has been finalized. Anju emphasizes that she has secured a good alliance and urges everyone not to spoil Priya’s happiness. As Ram expresses his concerns, confessing, “I feel so anxious. I haven’t been able to eat well. Love is supposed to simplify things, but it seems otherwise.”

After calming him down, Shardul departs. Alekha calls and exclaims, “Are you out of your mind? You’re going to marry Priya! You went to see her and got yourself trapped.” Ram says my girlfriend does not want to marry, my mother does not want the operation, and I will die if anything happens to her. Ram says Mum thinks I love Priya, Priya’s stuck on her ex, and Alekha says it’s a weird situation. Alekha says to talk to Aunty, this marriage with a stranger will be disastrous.

When Ram arrived in this city with my mum, I had nothing, just my mum. If anything were to happen to her, I would be unable to survive, as she is my life, I cannot lose her, I will marry 10 strangers for her sake, I can bring a smile to her face, but I cannot love Priya. Alekha argues that if she loves Yuvraj, she might have said yes to make him jealous, but she chose for her mother.

As Ritika escorts Priya to her room, she insists, “That’s enough; tell me what’s happening.” Priya confides, “Yuvraj believes I’ll remain single for the rest of my life, but I want to prove him wrong. However, that’s not the only reason. Anju intends to arrange my marriage with someone else. Ram and I have no romantic interest in each other. I agreed to his proposal for a short-term commitment of a few months. Ram specified that I must stay with him for three months, and afterwards, I am free to live the rest of my life alone. We will go our separate ways.”

Ritika asks what’s wrong with you, if you fall in love with Ram, then… Priya says I can’t trust anyone, it’s done. Ritika asks if Ram falls for you. Priya says no, he has a girlfriend and it is just a matter of time. After 3 months, Ritika asks what security there is. Priya says I have a plan for that.

It’s a short-term marriage. Alekha says to have a contract marriage. Ram says marriage isn’t a joke. Alekha says you’re marrying for your agenda. I think you should protect yourself from contract marriage, since you have everything, it’s your right to protect it.

Ram says Priya doesn’t seem greedy. Alekha says she might try to get your money. Ram says this sounds like an old Hindi film plot. He calls Priya and asks her for a meeting. She says I have to do a patient’s root canal. He says I’ll wait for you. Shalini says they’re going out to dinner. Anju says Priya told me.

You make arrangements soon, kundalis will match, and we will talk later. Alekha hears Yuvraj and asks him to come. Ram meets Priya at the café. Everyone comments on how well they are paired.

Priya asks where the place on the table is, Ram says no thanks, you eat a lot. She asks if he wants to talk about something. Ram replies yes, you may feel bad.

The precap:

Ram inquires about the nature of the agreement. Shalini responds, “It’s your engagement tomorrow.” Yuvraj warns that their contract marriage will become public knowledge, and that will mark the end for them.

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