Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th April 2023 Written Update on

In a tense confrontation, Sai confronts Paakhi about her feelings about replacing her in Virat’s life. She reminds Paakhi of the past when she was in her shoes, hating when Virat spent time with Paakhi as the “other woman.” Sai questions if she ever feels remorse for doing the same thing now.

Meanwhile, Satya’s family takes him to meet Prabha, who shares her unfulfilled dream of becoming a doctor due to reading difficulties. Satya tries to silence her, but Prabha recalls their past intimacy. Prabha questions Satya’s feelings and asks if he loves someone else and wants to marry her. Satya admits that he cannot marry his true love but claims to love Prabha deeply and wishes to have a happy life with her.

Back to Sai and Paakhi’s confrontation, Sai sternly reproaches Paakhi for pressuring her and attempting to dominate her. She acknowledges Paakhi’s struggles but asserts that Virat’s decisions were his own, and she should respect that. Sai insists that she didn’t come to break into her son’s home and refuses to become a home-wrecker like Paakhi. She emphasizes that she is focused on her son’s well-being and wants to avoid snatching away Paakhi’s husband.

In another situation, Satya notices Amba packing her belongings and inquires about her plans. Prabha becomes upset due to various things said. Amba questions why they provoke Satya when he has clearly stated his unwillingness to marry. She expresses a mother’s desire for her son’s happiness. Satya asserts that he cannot make a decision solely based on Amba’s perspective. Amba announces that they are all going to Sangli, and despite Satya’s pleas, they leave in a taxi, giving him an ultimatum to find a girl within 24 hours or agree to marry someone of their choice.

Satya, desperate and heartbroken, runs after the cab, begging them not to leave him alone. He realizes that his family means everything to him and reluctantly agrees to find a girl within 24 hours or accept their choice of a bride. He realizes that he must come up with a plan to convince them.

With a difficult decision looming within 24 hours, the fate of many lives hangs in the balance, and Sai is mentally prepared for what lies ahead.

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