Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan and Reeva’s Emotional Turmoil


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Surekha is growing increasingly concerned as she repeatedly calls Ishan without receiving a response. Anvi shares that her brother has been missing since earlier in the day and even skipped his lectures. Surekha can’t help but wonder if something serious has happened to him. Durva adds that a girl named Guddi caused quite a commotion, announcing that she had returned for her Chintu. However, Surekha questions what could be significant about this news. She quickly dismisses the idea of it being Reeva. Surekha is convinced that Savi must have done something to upset Ishan and urges Durva to call him. Asmita interjects, pointing out that Surekha is jumping to conclusions without fully understanding the situation. Surekha reprimands her and insists that Durva contact Savi to determine Ishan’s whereabouts.

Surekha asks why he didn’t pick up her calls. Yashwant asks why he missed lectures today. Surekha says let’s have dinner and then talk. Ishan says he’s not hungry and walks to his room. Surekha follows him and asks why he skipped classes, did Savi bother him again. In Ishan’s view, Savi is not involved in this.

She says if he’s upset because she slapped him, she’s his mother, and even she’s upset after she slapped him, but she cannot see him sad like that. Ishan informs that Reeva has returned and describes the incident in the morning. He says he doesn’t know what to do. Surekha says she knows what to do.

Swanand tells Swati they don’t know how long they must stay in Pune. She asks if he has time to support his daughter’s childish acts, why doesn’t he have an answer to her question; they left their pending work in Mumbai and went to London, and are now in Pune because of his daughter’s childish act, why doesn’t he stop his daughter. In response to Yashwant’s call, Swati asks him to turn on the speaker so she can hear what filth Yashwant has to say.

Swanand picks up the call and says what happened today. Yashwant screams to the core of his lungs for letting his daughter create drama in college, taking his daughter to London, canceling his engagement with Ishan, etc., and warns him to keep his daughter away from Ishan, or else he will kill his family. Swanand asks Swati what Yashwant means if he will remain in Pune and help his daughter in her foolish acts. Reeva is told to pack her bags as they are heading.

Swanand says Reeva will not leave Pune tomorrow. Reeva says she cannot live without Ishan. Swanand says her mother is right. Yashwant does not want any relationship with them, so they should leave Pune tomorrow. As Swanand said, Reeva should take a break from her studies and everything else and spend time with her parents. Time heals all wounds, and she should pack her bags and be ready to leave tomorrow. Reeva cried.

When Savi becomes concerned about Ninad, she recalls Hirini’s advice not to call Bhavani and tell her how he is doing. Savi calls Vinayak. Vinayak shouts at her not to disturb him. Savi says he can vent his frustration on her but tell her what happened to Ninad. As Vinayak points out, that is none of her business since she left Ramtek without bothering about her grandparents when she knew he was studying medicine in Pune and could not be with them;

There is no food for Ninad, and he has seizures often; they are coming to Pune for treatment, and he will do whatever he can; she shouldn’t disturb him again.

As Swanand explains to Swati, Yashwant’s anger towards them is valid. Swati says Yashwant runs a college and behaves like a cheap goon. Swanand tells Swati to sleep now since they have to leave tomorrow. Swati goes to Reeva’s room to see if she’s okay. She does not find Reeva there and calls Swanand. They find Reeva’s note, which shows that she realized her mistake, so they should not worry since she’ll return soon.

He sees Reeva in front of him, saying he is seeing her in his dreams, and even before she, she is in his heart, and he loves her immensely. Ishan shouts at her to leave. She disappears.


Ishan hears Surekha yelling at Reeva to leave. Reeva promises to revive her and Ishan’s relationship, and Ishan returns the gifts she has given him.

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