Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein 7th February 2023 Written Update

Virat asks the police commissioner why he is here. The police commissioner replies there are two reasons, the first is that he likes the tea in this house, and the second is that he wanted to personally visit him to let him know the good news.

He is served tea and snacks by Pakhi. The commissioner says Virat will be transferred to Mumbai as a joint commissioner as well as head of its crime branch. Virat says Mumbai crime branch head? The commissioner says it’s a chance he can’t miss and has two weeks to shift. The commissioner says there are many other candidates for the position. Pakhi hears them and thinks God gave them an opportunity to take Vinu far away from Sai. She thanks Bappa for giving them a solution to her dilemma.

Ashwini asks Virat how Vinu will attend exams without attending school. Pakhi says she will teach Vinu and will take him out of Nagpur if he gets good grades. Bhavani asks where? The police commissioner informed Pakhi that Virat got promoted to joint commissioner at the Mumbai crime branch, and the family was delighted.

It is a milestone for Virat’s career and he should not let this opportunity pass him by. Sai says his seniors are happy with his work. Virat says he is still thinking about it. Bhavani wonders why Virat agrees so easily. Sai tells Bhavani the family will benefit from having Virat away from Sai. She urges Virat to take advantage of this opportunity.

Savi returns home after school. Sai asks if Vinu attended school today. Savi says yes, but Pakhi took him from the backdoor after school ended. Sai wonders why Pakhi took him from the backdoor. Having learned that Virat has been transferred to Mumbai, Savi asks how she will meet Vinu if he goes away from them. Sai feels like Virat and Pakhi are trying to take her son away.

When she enters Chavan nivas at night, Sai jumps a wall and climbs a pipe silently. She notices Ashwini walking with knee pain to get water and thinks she can’t help her. Omkar then walks heavily intoxicated, drops the showpiece, and hides. Omkar talks to the showpiece and leaves. Ultimately, Sai reaches Vinu’s room. Vinu asks if mama came. Sai emotionally replies his aayi came. She pampers him, hears someone coming, and hides. Pakhi walks in and sleeps next to Vinu.

Sai leaves disheartened. Virat dreams about a woman playing with Vinu and Savi and he joining them. O Re Manva Tooto Bawra Hai.. song. Sai passes by his room. His dream was so beautiful with his children so happy, but he could not see a woman’s face. He wondered if it was his imagination.

Usha asks Sai where she was. Sai says she barged into Chavan nivas. Usha asks if someone had seen her, if would Vinu accept her as aayi if she told the truth. Usha says she is telling this for her benefit. Sai says she does not want such a benefit and can’t stay away from her son. Since Virat is planning to move to Mumbai to take her son away from her, she will tell Vinu the truth.

Usha says that if she takes the wrong step, it will backfire on her, so she should wait for the right opportunity before informing Vinu, otherwise, their bond will be severed.

The story begins with Sai taking Vinu to the school terrace and saying she wants to show him some magic. Virat and Pakhi search for Vinu. Sai shows them a photo of her and baby Vinu with the caption “This is Savi’s older brother’s picture.”.

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