Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum hai kisike

In getting Vinu ready for school, Pakhi asks where most Hindi movies are made. Vinu replies Mumbai. Pakhi asks where SRK stays. Vinu says Mumbai obviously. Pakhi says not there and describes how many amusement parks Mumbai has. Vinu excitedly says he will stay in Mumbai since their whole family, doctor aunty, and Savi will enjoy Mumbai. Only Virat, Pakhi, and her are going. Vinu says doctor aunty told him there is no enjoyment without family. Virat walks in and says he is right.

Having sent Vinu out, Pakhi asks Virat why he prevents Vinu from moving to Mumbai. Virat says his family cannot be happy without Vinu, Vinu cannot be happy without Savi, and even he cannot be happy without Savi. Then Pakhi says what about Vinu, she cannot keep in constant fear that Sai will take her away, a person shifts for a safe family and job, he should also consider his career, she will move to the USA if he cannot move to Mumbai.

Virat’s inner voice says he should consider his career. Doesn’t he want to move to Mumbai since he doesn’t want to leave anyone behind? Sai visits the school principal to accept a replacement teaching position. The principal thanks her for joining and says she can take children’s extra classes. Sai says she will pick up Savi and Vinu on the way. Sai gets upset hearing that. The Principal says parents restrict their children so much these days, anyways she must follow the rules and accept Pakhi’s request.

In Chavan Nivas, Bhavani unpacks Vinu’s suitcase and says she won’t let him leave her. Afterwards, Sonali taunts that even Pakhhi drops Vinu and waits outside until the school ends. Ashwini and Ninad tell Bhavani they should accept Virat’s transfer to Mumbai for the sake of his career. Bhavani yells at them. Ashwini reminds her that Ninad used to stay away from his family for the sake of duty.

It was Bhavani who changed her behaviour after learning the truth, she would not let Vinu go away from him. Ashwini says they love Vinu since he came to this house, and she will not let him go away from him either. Bhavani says they should help their DIL get rid of Sai’s fear, she has troubled them since the day she entered their house, and she is sure that Sai is still conspiring against them.

Pakhi panics when Vinu doesn’t come out of school. She runs in and bumps into the principal. The principal informs Pakhi that Vinu and other children who missed a few days of school have special classes. Virat calls Pakhi and asks about Vinu. Pakhi says Vinu has a special class. He asks about Savi. Pakhi says she doesn’t know Savi as Sai is not here. Virat says he will pick them up and drop Savi off at home.

Sai enters Vinu and Savi’s class as a special replacement teacher. Savi feels excited and is ready to call her teacher mother. Pakhi shouts that she will take only her son. Virat can drop off his daughter. She asks about Mother’s Day. Vinu says it’s celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of the month of May. Sai praises him for his knowledge. In response to Sai’s questions regarding animal mother and baby bonding, each student gave her one knowledgeable answer. Vinu says he gives a gift to his mamma every year. Savi says she will gift her aayi this year. Vinu says they will give a special gift to doctor aunty on Mother’s Day.

Sai believes that Vinu has gone on her, so she will soon inform him that she is his aayi. She ends class and asks Vinu to stay back as she has some work with him to do.


Sai takes Vinu to the school terrace and says she wants to show him some magic. Virat and Pakhi find Vinu. Sai shows them a photo of her with baby Vinu and says it’s Savi’s older brother’s photo.

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