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Sahiba says it’s a nice idea, in that sense bed is hers and Angad can sleep on couch. Angad refuses and Sahiba says she’ll live according to her wishes. He says he will decide later as he will be visiting the office and not free as she is. He calls his PA Pam and asks her to schedule his meetings as previously decided. He asks Sahiba to give her prepared designs. Sahiba says these are her designs and she will present them to clients, while Angad says it is his business and he will present it to clients.

Sahiba hands over the designs to him. She receives a message from the bank stating that she has only 1500 rupees in her account. Angad notices that message and keeps some cash with a message for Sahiba before leaving for work. Sahiba notices money and thinks he is trying to degrade her, so she should answer him appropriately.

The environment at home is very tense as Gurleen informs the family tomorrow is Angad’s birthday. Jasleen joins them for breakfast. Manveer tongue lashes her for trying to ruin Angad’s life with her and her son’s conspiracy. Jasleen walks away acting hurt. Prabjyoth feels sorry for her. The client asks about Sahiba. Angad says she is busy and they will use heavy gold on these designs. The client says Sahiba had promised affordable jewellery with Meri Bitya/my daughter theme.

The call is disconnected by Agnad. Angad arrogantly states Brar Jewelers is a premium jewellery brand for elites, not middle-class people. Clients refuse to renew their 100-crore contract with him. Then Sahiba describes his father’s words and says how he dreams about his daughter’s safety and security. She continues to describe how her designs will reach the masses. The client asks how long will she take to finish all her designs. Sahiba says one week. The client asks when they will deliver the orders. With their expert artisans and bulk purchases, she says they will soon.

They agree to continue with the contract and ask Angad why he had covered up Sahiba’s talent until now. Veer takes the clients to another room to discuss further terms. Angad drags Sahiba into his cabin. She walks into Inder’s room and knocks on the door. Inder asks when she started taking permission to enter others’ rooms. Jasleen begins badmouthing Manveer. Inder asks her to be specific.

Angad asks Sahiba why she is interfering with his business since his business is for premium clients. Jasleen says this house has done injustice to them. Inder says she needs to sort out her problems with their father and stop conspiring against her own nephew.

Sahiba says he caters to the masses as well as premium customers as a few and India consists mainly of the middle class. They continue their argument. Sahiba replies appropriately to him. He then returns his money. He claims he saw her bank message and tried to help her. She warns him not to check her personal messages. Their argument continues.

The story begins with Angad suggesting that his family get Seerat and Garry married. Sahiba opposes the idea, saying his sister will not pay for his arrogance. Seerat seeks Angad’s promise that she will be supported whenever she needs it.

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