Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

A judge asks Sai, Virat, and Pakhi to inform Vinayak of the truth and bring him here for questioning. Sai says that she does not want her child to suffer mental trauma at this age, and Pakhi agrees.

According to the judge, he understands these types of cases well, so he wants the child here. Pakhi says they can’t put Vinu through all this. It is important for the child’s safety and future to be considered in such cases, so the judge wants to personally question the child in his cabin about whether he wishes to remain with the biological mother or the surrogate mother.

If Vinu chooses Sai, Pakhi thinks she will lose her only child forever. Sai says Vinu doesn’t have to visit the judge’s chamber as she wants to withdraw her appeal. Sai says she thought well about her decision and doesn’t want her son to suffer any mental trauma. Her lawyer asks her to reconsider since she can’t do anything after that. When Virat and Pakhi exit the courtroom, they find Bhavani and Ashwini there. Bhavani says they couldn’t control their anxiety and came to find out what happened. Virat informs her that Sai took back her appeal.

Despite Bhavani’s boasting, Virat refuses to degrade Sai’s motherhood and reveals the judge’s condition and Sai withdrawing the appeal to protect Vinu from mental trauma. A weird face is made by Bhavani. Pakhi says she wants to thank Sai for withdrawing the case. Virat says he also wants to thank Sai. They walk up to Sai and thank her for withdrawing the appeal. Virat says she is wrong. Pakhi says she will reveal to Vinu that Savi is his real sister and want him and Savi to enjoy a sibling benefit, etc. Pakhi gets tense as she hears that.

In the middle of travelling home, Virat gets a call from the school principal asking why Vinu hasn’t been visiting school since 10 days after the clay competition. Virat says Vinu is fine. Vinayak’s final exams are beginning next week, so the principal asks Pakhi to send him to school. Pakhi says they have a function at home, so Vinayak can’t attend school for a few days. The principal says education comes first.

She says she is homeschooling Vinayak and he will cover all the portions soon, which is fine, but attendance is also important, so she should send him to school soon. After Sai returns home, Savi asks if her wish has come true. Sai says it didn’t. Sai says her blessings will work soon. Sai asks her to discuss her problem with her as she and Vinu solve everyone’s problems in school.

While reciting a poem, Bhavani says that Sai is evil and always creates trouble for others, and she plans to reveal the truth to Vinu and brainwash him. Pakhi says she won’t let Vinu leave the house and won’t let him meet Savi and Sai.

As Ninad explains, Sai is right that Vinu should have a healthy sibling bond with Savi, just like they all did. In response, Bhavani yells at him for supporting him. She says Vinu will have difficult times in his life, which he must deal with alone. She supports Pakhi and says they must act now.

Savi calls Vinu. Pakhi snatches his phone. Vinu asks Pakhi to let him speak to Savi. Pakhi says he should focus on his studies. Vinu says he will do so later.

Savi tells Sai that Vinu must have kept his phone somewhere and is not picking up calls. Sai asks Pakhi to go and study, determined to reveal the truth to Vinu.

Virat dreams of Pakhi running with Vinayak and Savi’s hands in dreamland and then discovers it was Sai. Sai says they can stay together now. Virat holds her hand. He smiles and murmurs Sai’s name. Pakhi hears.

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