Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

He apologizes to Sai for letting her go away from him and protects her from terrorists. Since meeting her in Kankauli, he has had a hard time expressing his love for her; he loves her more than anything else in the world, and his life would not be complete without her; he feels restless without her, and she is a source of peace to him;

As a result of his responsibilities and love, he now realizes that she is his most important responsibility; his life begins and ends with her and their children; a house becomes heaven when a husband respects his wife and he wants to pass that paradise along to his children if he agrees.

An officer rushes towards him, warning that the terrorists are capable of any action to rescue Datta Konke. Virat urgently sends a message to Sai through the walkie-talkie, informing her that they are under attack and require backup. Sai inquires about Vinu’s well-being, to which Virat assures her not to worry, as they will clarify the situation to Vinu and even convince Paakhi if Sai agrees.

Virat proposes a time limit of 24 hours for Sai to respond and emphasizes that she should trust her own instincts. He advises her to stay where she is, as he needs to confront the terrorists. Sai expresses her concern for his safety, to which Virat replies that he will take care of himself.

After hearing Virat and Sai’s phone conversation, Paakhi is shocked and walks out of her room. The Tanhai Tanhai song plays. The family celebrates Virat and Sai’s safety and invites Paakhi to join them. Paakhi prepares snacks that recall Virat and Sai’s growing closeness.

Sonali is stopped from putting her hand in hot oil by Ashwini. Sonali handed over her snack plate. Overwhelmed by the memories of Virat and Sai’s deepening bond, she suddenly collapses. Meanwhile, Virat and his team rejoice in their triumph. As the dust settles, Sai slowly approaches Virat.

Her hero is a superhero who single-handedly kills all terrorists. Satya stops her and says let them enjoy this moment. Sai declares that Virat may be a hero, but he is not her hero. Satya is furious and picks up her phone to take a picture. Virat joins them and says he didn’t know Satya was also a photographer.

Sai says he knows only how to take X-rays. Virat holds Sai and asks him to take their photos. Satya does so and leaves. Virat says this is their first picture after the proposal. Sai says she didn’t say yes. He says he knows she is in a dilemma and should respond positively.

As Sai returns home with Satya, he looks at the picture of her and Virat and thinks Virat just dumped his wish on her without realizing what she wanted. Amba calls and says she wants to talk to her. Satya takes the phone from her. Sai visited their house and Amba liked their chemistry, so she wishes they would marry.

Aaji realizes it is Satya and calls him Sattu. Satya says it is Satya and asks them not to think about it and disconnects the call. The doctor treats the unconscious Paakhi.

As a result of fasting since morning for Virat’s safety, Karishma informs the family that Paakhi collapsed due to weakness. Sai returns home. Saavi informs her about Paakhi’s condition. Sai asks the doctor who informs him that Paakhi collapsed as a result of stress. Since Paakhi is Vinu’s family’s guardian angel, Saavi asks Sai to treat her.

Instead of checking a patient, Satya meets a girl with her family. Then Sai walks to Paakhi’s room with Saavi and Ashwini. Paakhi replies that she is fine. Ashwini says to let her rest and leaves. When Paakhi stops Sai, she asks her to close the door so she can speak to her.

After being deprived of her rights, Sai shuts the door behind her and asserts that Virat is doing well. Paakhi contradicts her, stating that Virat is not fine. She mentions that the spark in his eyes and the smile on his face, which they had not witnessed in years, are absent.


Sai tells Paakhi that she used to think of her as a second woman in Virat’s life and as a sinner; now Sai is in Paakhi’s place and asks how she feels being a second woman. Virat told Sai she heard what she said and she didn’t hear what she said; she didn’t say yes. Paakhi says she didn’t say no.

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