Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 8th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Ram’s mum Shalini tells everyone about Ram’s marriage with Priya. Shardul and Sona are worried for Ram and Kriti. Shalini says to start the marriage preparations right away. Ram asks what, you’ve sent the proposal and Dr Priya accepted, but she can’t do this without talking to me.

The woman says you feel left out, so I thought about talking to them, and her mother agreed. Priya asks, how can you say yes? Anju says Ram is so rich and good, he has no bad qualities, so why should I refuse? Priya says let me decide my own fate. Those relatives taunted us, so this was a good chance to teach Yuvraj a lesson, Priya would marry his boss.

Priya says people don’t get married to show to people, I won’t marry, I’ll say no to Shalini. Her dad says I’m with you. She says she won’t accept this proposal. Yuvraj comes to meet Ram. They discuss work. Ram leaves. Shardul says that Shalini has proposed Ram to Priya and her family has accepted it, Priya is very popular with her. Priya comes to meet Ram. She says it is a big house, but no one is there. She asks about Shalini. The servant calls out, “Bhabhi ji, please come! Mummy Ji is in her room.”

She asks what are you saying? Ram says you and Kriti look good, come over. Ram asks Kriti if she loves him. Kriti says yes. He says we have to go tell Mom about our relationship, otherwise, she will get me married to Priya. She says forget my contract, but think of Aunty’s feelings; she will be hurt by your love for me.

When he asks her what to do, she says to consider her proposal for the sake of her happiness. He says you mean I marry Priya? She says once Aunty has her operation, we can have a grand wedding once Aunty is well.

You’re asking me to marry a stranger, she asks what option we have, your mom will be shocked, she likes that girl, marry her, it’s a matter of months, can you forgive yourself if something happens to Aunty. Priya comes to Shalini.

Shalini says I’m glad you’re here. I was feeling weak, so I took a break. She asks Priya to read the mantras for her. Priya does. She leaves. Yuvraj stops her and says you’re in the news, funny, Ram won’t marry you, I feel bad for you, you’re stuck on me, Ram will reject you, and you’ll stay sad and single forever.

She says no way, I’m marrying Ram. He asks what. She says you’ll get an invitation soon. He says you’re lying. Ram and I like each other, I love his mom, I have to go. She goes. She cries. Ram calls her and tells her she told Yuvraj we’re getting married, she went to your house to tell your mom no, but she was unwell, so I couldn’t.

Kriti says she wants to show her ex, and she will agree if you talk to her about a 3-month marriage. Ram thinks. Priya comes home. Ritika asks what happened. Anju asks what Shalini said. Ram comes home.

In Priya’s room, Anju asks them to have a talk. Ram asks why you did what you did. Priya cries. He consoles her. She says I loved him, he said I would be alone all my life, I told him I would marry you, I am not helpless.

After that, he says we’ll get married. She rejects this proposal, saying it’s a joke. He thinks we’ll get married for 3 months and then divorce. She asks what he means. He says no, I have no option, our problems will be over. She rejects this proposal.


Aleka says you got trapped. Ram says I don’t have time, if anything happens to Mom, I’ll get married.

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