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Initially, Faltu asks the doctor about Ayesha and the baby. The doctor tells her not to worry. The family asks about Ayesha and the baby. The doctor says everything is fine. Savita taunts Faltu. It was you who saved her, Ayesha and the baby got saved because of you. She goes. Ayaan asks Faltu if she is okay. Savita scolds her for taking Ayesha outside. He says she saved Ayesha’s life. He defends Faltu.

It’s really important we talk to you tonight, Savita says. Savita says you shouldn’t have gone out. Ayesha asks where is Faltu. Ayaan looks for Faltu and finds her. Kinshuk thanks Faltu. She sees Faltu’s wound. Faltu says it’s a small scratch. Ayaan scolds her. She says sorry, I was worried about Ayesha. The nurse says I should get an injection, otherwise, there is a risk of septicemia. She says she will go home and have haldi milk. He says it won’t hurt. He does the dressing. He asks her to take care of herself.

Then she asks what happened at work. He says nothing. She says you want to support me, but don’t share your problems with me. He says dad has removed me from the company. She is shocked. He says I divorced Tanu, so I have no right to the company. He says I’m his favourite son, I’m his pride. She says it’s wrong, how can he do this? She asks him to think again, she doesn’t want to take everything away. I didn’t want to tell you anything, dad had no choice but to do this, Kanika might have forced him, he has to handle the whole family, I don’t think I did anything wrong by supporting you.

In response, he says he can leave anything for her if she stays with him, we will convince everyone, but will you leave me and go? She replies no, I will be with you. They smile. Janardhan gives the money to Savita and tells her that he wants Faltu to leave Ayaan’s life.

On seeing Ayaan’s picture, Faltu breaks down in tears. Savita attempts to start a conversation with him and asks him to leave Ayaan alone, mentioning that he is sensible enough to do so. She claims that Faltu had driven Ayaan mad with love, hinting that he may have been after his wealth too. After appealing to Faltu to spare her family from the pain of heartbreak, she offers him even more money if he would completely departs from the situation. However, Faltu refuses to be bought and apologizes for being unable to accept the offer.

We need less money, you rich people have a lot on your plates, and this money is like dust to me. Savita asks what’s the problem. Faltu says enough now. Listen to me. Keep your money. Faltu regrets hurting your heart, you are a bad person, you gave my love a bad name, you didn’t miss to price your son’s happiness, I don’t want money, try to understand his happiness.

As Savita asked her to stop acting, Faltu asked will he be happy if I go away. No, Tanisha will never be accepted by him, he has suffered a lot. When he needs me most, I will never leave him. Savita asked: Will you tell me what’s right and what’s wrong for him?

Faltu tells Savita he must understand his emotions – she has been given this bag for him. He asks her if she will carry out his request by seeing that truth in his eyes. He explains that he has to put up with her scolding and Janardhan’s rage, but he is sure that he can turn her hatred into love and prove Ayaan right. Faltu stresses that Ayaan will not be uprooted from his family because of him; he is certain there is no way he can break the promise he made to him. After Savita takes the money and departs, Faltu remarks that he cannot abandon Ayaan or else his spirit will splinter, something which hurts him deeply. Finally, she offers a prayer.


It’s my truth, Ayaan says before going to the village. Faltu asks what’s the truth. Ayaan says I’m not the son of this family.

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