Faltu 8th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu asks Ayaan why he left cricket since he has no injuries, he is fit. Ayaan recalls Janardhan’s words. He says he is still playing, we can leave our happiness with a family member. She says it’s not love to be selfish, it’s an injustice to you. He becomes emotional.

He says I’ve quit cricket for someone, and she remarks that while she has left the village, it hasn’t been for everyone. He tells her to get ready for the match, advising her to attend a women’s cricket academy. He queries if she is prepared and she agrees before asking if he will accompany her. He apologizes as there is a wedding and haldi ceremony so he cannot go; however, Bua and Alok will take her in their stead. Govind then requests everyone to observe Sumitra, at which point Kumkum sprinkles water underneath her prompting an outcry from Sumitra, who talks about seeing a Chudail.

Besides Govind, she is also asked to take care of. Ayaan says we can’t go from the front gate, you have to go yourself. Ayaan holds her in her arms as she tries to climb the wall. She falls. Ayaan holds her in his arms. Charan sees the villagers protesting. He goes outside and scolds them. He asks them not to talk about his family. Angoori says it’s the whole family. They complain about the girls getting spoiled, Faltu has ruined the culture. They say we won’t let this happen. Faltu says you didn’t go. Ayaan jokes.

He says I care for you because I promised your dad. She hides from the servants inside. Charan argues with the villagers. Angoori says call Faltu back, why are you ruining their lives. Lajwanti defends her parents. As he says, this will happen now, and everyone will argue. Lajwanti disagrees with him.

Sumitra says she has seen Chudail. Sid says you are hallucinating. She says I have seen one, really. Ayaan says it’s nothing like that, go and get ready. She says I will find her. Sid wonders where he is coming from.

Agoori shouts at Charan and asks him to maintain family respect. She tells him to call Faltu back. Charan says Faltu will not return, she won’t marry Pappi, so do whatever you want. He goes. Bua waits for Faltu. Sumitra comes and asks where is Faltu, I’m working with her. Bua asks why, can you explain. Sumitra says no, I just work with her, I’ve seen a Chudail, villagers can make ghosts disappear.

I want to know about Rajasthani haldi rituals and Tanisha asks where Faltu is. Bua says she does not know. Tanisha says she shares the room with you. Sumitra asks if you are hiding something. Faltu comes from the washroom and chants Hanuman Chalisa. She says I was taking a bath. Tanisha says you can bathe as often as you like, Faltu says yes, I was worried. Sumitra asks Faltu to tell me something. Faltu says, “I don’t know.”.

Sumitra asks how do you know what I will ask? Faltu says she heard it from the washroom. There are no ghosts, it’s not stories. Sumitra says you’re useless and leaves. Tanisha says you can talk to me about Haldi rituals. Faltu says yes, he will come and get ready. Bua says you got late, you didn’t say you were taking a bath. Faltu says no, I lied in front of them, I’m going for a bath now. She leaves. Bua prays.

Tanisha says I’ve been searching for you for a long time, this is our haldi, why are you wandering as a PT teacher? He says some people were playing cricket, and I just saw them. I promise that I’m not lying. If Janardhan knows that you’re a business tycoon, there’s going to be a big drama in our marriage, and I don’t want any drama. He tells her not to worry, he won’t break his promise to dad, get ready now. She says I need to talk to him about Faltu.

The precap:

It is not necessary to know Tanisha’s likes, Ayaan says. Faltu says yes, one who is in love does this on their own.

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