Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

When Santosh visits a real estate agent’s office, the agent welcomes her and asks if everything is okay at home. Santosh replies yes except for her and informs him that Seerat’s elder daughter is getting married to Brar’s older son Angad in 2 days. She provides property papers and seeks a mortgage.

In response to the agent’s question, Santosh says the house belongs to him, so she would not mortgage it. Agent asks how much money she needs 50 lakh Rs. He says 50 lakhs is too much for an old house and he can only afford 10 lakhs. She says she’ll go to the bank. He offers her 20 lakhs. She accepts it, thinking her neighbors will be jealous. He asks if she can repay in monthly installments. She accepts.

Santosh eagerly awaits Seerat. A pair of men from a boutique deliver expensive dresses and sarees. Sahiba says it wasn’t ordered and asks them to check the address. Santosh says it’s correct because she ordered clothes worth 5 lakhs for Seerat’s wedding. Sahiba asks how she got so much money. Santosh gets nervous. Seerat asks her not to question their mother and continues her greedy behavior.

Santosh refuses and scolds Keerat at the property agent’s office, asking what she was doing there, if she was selling their house. Sahiba asks her to stop scaring her and tell if she took interest. Santosh starts a drama and lies and says she went to the agent’s office to invite Seerat to her wedding. In 73 hours in the neighborhood, Keerat says she only visited one agent’s office.

Santosh continues her drama, yelling at them not to doubt her intentions. Sahiba says she will not spare her until she reveals where the money came from. Santosh lies that Sudha gave it to her.

A wrapper won’t do for Seerat. Keerat calls her the world’s most selfish girl. Santosh scolds her and threatens Sahiba that if she questions her, she will stitch Sahiba’s mouth or grate her ears. Informed that Manveer is coming to Santosh’s house to discuss something, Santosh gets tense. After reaching Sudha’s house, Manveer inquires about Santosh. Sudha lies that she has gone shopping for her wedding.

Santosh shows up at Sudha’s residence with a handful of shopping bags. Manveer quickly reassures her that the wedding arrangements were taken care of; Brars had hired Lucky Singh, the grandest event-planner in Ludhiana and they booked a resort in Karnal for the nuptials. On hearing this, Santosh is filled with joy and offers some sweets around. Lucky then enters the scene and introduces himself, to which Manveer inquires about names on Santosh’s guest list for travel arrangements, which she confirms. She then heads home to notify her family about all of this and Ajith asks for the complete name list. She gives out -Sudha, Sukhi, Ajith, Seerat, Sahaiba and Keerat – but Sahaiba declines participation afterwards.

As Veeer prepares Angad’s wedding sehra, he visits Sahiba’s house and asks her to design it. Sahiba refuses. Angad calls Veer and asks if he went to arrogant Sahiba’s shop. Veer responds that he is at her place.

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