Anupama Written Episode Update 26th March 2023

Anupama written update

Vanraj tells Anupama that all men are the same.  After relationships change men also change.  Women are ready to die for their husbands but husbands cannot live long with their wives. Women are ready to be with the same husband for 7 births but men get tired after walking 7 steps.  Women are ready to lose everything in love but men just see their benefits. Vanraj tells her that her kids were a burden to Anuj and when Anuj felt he could not carry that burden anymore he ran away. To impress Anupama, he did a lot in the beginning for everyone just because her family was important to her.  Anuj did not like Anupama coming and meeting her kids anytime.  He tried his best from keeping Anupama away from her kids but did not manage.  Vanraj kept on belittling Anuj and tried to convince her that Anuj is not a good person.  He stressed the fact that Anuj could not stay with her even for 26 months while he lived with Anupama for 26 years.  He tells Anupama that he is worried for her and cannot see her in that condition and hence he wants to take her home.  He tells her he is taking her home not as a guest but as a family member.

Anupama brushes off his stretched hand and refuses to go with Vanraj. She gives him a befitting reply.  She tells him that if he is so worried then go home and look after his wife.  She warns him not to say anything against her husband.

Vanraj tells her that instead of praying in this temple she should make another temple for Anuj and keep praying to him and make him her God.

Anupama tells him to stop interfering in her family matters.  She has not asked him for his help. He replies saying when he was at his lowest point, she stood by him hence he has come to help her.  He also asks her what will she do if she does not find Anuj.  Anupama asks him to talk positively.  She is confident she will find Anuj.  She has her trust in God. 

Adhik tries to convince Paakhi to stay back in Kapadia house because he is needed there.  Paakhi refuses to listen and goes alone. Barkha also tells Adhik to let her go.  Barkha hopes that Anuj and Anupama do not come back home.  Ankush tells her that they will definitely come home.

Banjar hain sab banjar hain.. song is playing.  Anupama walks out of the temple.  Anuj also is broken completely and sits on the road. 

Anupama tells herself that she and Anuj will meet.  She keeps repeating that to herself.  Anuj hears Little Anu and Anupama’s voices and tries to shut the voices.  He suddenly sees himself standing in front of him.  His reflection asks him how he landed in this place.  He replies saying he did not come on his own.  His reflection says he has forgotten the difference between right and wrong. He is just acting stubborn in the name of pain.  He is wrong in leaving Anupama in this condition.  Anuj asks his reflection how Anupama can be right when she did not stop Little Anu from going and did not let him do anything either.  Just because she is a mother, she can feel the pain.  Does not a father also feel pain? Everybody talks about a mother’s pain but nobody cares about how the father feels.

His reflection says he is angry and not in pain.  He is upset because he could not stop his daughter from going.  He asks Anuj to go back to Anupama because Anupama is his love and his strength.  Nobody can separate Anuj from Anupama. 

Anuj replies to his reflection that he knows how to live and what to do.

Precap: Anupama comes to her mother’s house and tells her mother that Anuj has left her and gone.

Anuj gets knocked down by a car while he is walking aimlessly on the road.  Maaya gets out of the car. 

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