Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain Written Episode Update 28th March 2023

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Abhinav and Akshara keep cheering for Abhir.  Abhir stops suddenly when he feels dizzy.  But he does not let anyone know he is unwell. Abhir as the captain of his team starts the match.  Abhinav and Akshara are proud to see their son playing so well.  Abhir gets his first goal.

Abhimanyu is upset remembering Rohan talking about the sick child.  He looks online for Abhir’s game and finds his live video streaming.  He is happy to see Abhir playing well.  Abhir meantime makes his second goal which was just accidental when the ball hit his head.  He sits down feeling giddy.  Abhinav runs towards him and lifts him up.  He cannot contain his happiness. The game continues.  Meantime Akshara sends a video clip to Manish. 

Abhir is feeling dizzy but he refuses to tell anyone.  He continues playing and makes the fourth goal and wins the game.  Abhinav proudly lifts him up on his shoulder and dances and runs around the ground.  Abhir suddenly faints. Akshara suddenly realizes he is unwell and they rush him towards the car.  Akshara drives them to the hospital.

Abhimanyu is feeling anxious and cannot understand why.  Aarohi bumps into him and wonders what is wrong with him.  Abhimanyu assures her he is fine.

Akshara and Abhinav reach the hospital. There is no doctor around and Abhinav loses his temper.  Abhinav and Akshara blame themselves because they did not realize that Abhir is unwell.  Abhir starts breathing heavily and they get worried.

Abhimanyu feels there is something wrong with Abhir.  He checks the video and does not find anything there. 

Abhinav goes to the doctor who is busy on a call.  He cries and pleads with the doctor to check his son first but the doctor continues talking on the phone.  Akshara is with Abhir and tries to calm him but then shouts because Abhir’s health is getting worse.  Abhinav loses his temper and holds the doctor’s collar and demands that he checks his son first else all hell will break loose.  While Abhinav and the doctor are fighting Abhir is struggling to breathe.  Abhinav asks for pardon and pleads with the doctor.  The doctor asks his staff to throw them out of the hospital.  Akshara comes and warns him that he cannot refuse to treat a patient in the hospital.  She threatens criminal action if he does not do anything.  The doctor says his condition is very critical.

Abhimanyu is getting restless and wonders who will help him get any update from Abhir.  He then thinks that there is just one person who can help him.

Abhir is taken to the emergency room.  Abhinav and Akshara are inconsolable. 

Muskaan calls her grandma and is informed that Abhir is in the hospital. Abhimanyu sees her and rushes towards her and saves her from an accident.  He gives her water and tries to calm her down when he sees her crying.  He asks her if all is fine.  He wonders whether he should ask her about Abhir.  Muskaan thinks to herself that before she said anything Abhimanyu already has a feeling that there is something wrong with Abhir.

Abhinav and Akshara both blame themselves that they could not see that their child was sick.  Abhinav says as his father he should have known his son is unwell.

Precap:  Abhimanyu tells Rohan that he does not like when children are in the hospital.  Rohan says he is talking as if his son is hospitalized.

Akshara sees Abhir’s report and screams.

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