Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd March 2023 Written Update


Garry confronts Seerat for attending Angad and Sahiba’s reception, leaving her in a resort room while he attends Angad’s reception. He fooled her and she eloped with him instead of marrying Angad. She was supposed to be next to Angad, gaining the attention of people instead of Sahiba.

Garry brainwashes her into believing Sahiba hates rich people and cares for her more than she cares for herself and tells her that Sahiba got into the Brar family’s good books and started instilling hatred in their minds toward Seerat. She refuses to believe Garry’s story and says Sahiba hates rich people and cares for her more than herself. Sahiba asks the inspector if he found any clue about Seerat. Inspector says not yet, but Angad says they do not want to hear anything about her.

As food is served, Veer interacts with a guest. The guest asks why the police are there. Veer replies to congratulate Angad. Inder says Angad is a big name, and politicians, film stars, and business tycoons all want to meet him. As reporters rush towards Angad, they ask him why the police are there. Angad says to congratulate him and asks the staff to take them away. Veer then takes care of the inspector. The inspector tries to walk behind Sahiba, but Angad stops her from leaving. He asks Jasleen where Garry is, who was dealing with the media people. Jasleen stands silent, and Angad continues to accuse Sahiba of lying.

Because of Sahiba’s manipulation, Garry frightens Seerat saying he may trap her in a fake case or even a murder case. Sahiba confronts Angad and says he himself lied. By visiting a police station at night rather than going to a restaurant, Manveer accuses her of trying to defame Brars. Sahiba says her sister is missing and she doesn’t need permission to show concern.

Garry emotionally blackmails Seerat by saying his family will disown him if they learn he will marry her. They will marry and live in poverty. Angad warns her to behave with his mother. Sahiba tells him to leave her hand and to learn to behave first. It is true that Gurleen is concerned for her sister, but she should have also thought about the dignity of the Brar family. Darji says Gurleen is right, Sahiba should have come to him if she had any problems.

Bebe feels respected by Sahiba attending her reception, but she has proven again that she does not deserve to be a Brar bahu. Manveer accuses Sahiba again and says she needs to leave the Brar mansion. Sahiba says they are all accusing her of lying, but they themselves lied a lot. Angad asks what they lied about. Sahiba says he organized the reception to promote his business, not to celebrate their marriage. She threatens them to disclose it. Brars stand silently.

Garry provokes intoxicated Angad and suggests he punish Sahiba every day. Angad walks to Sahiba, who pushes him away and asks why he came to her room. Angad tells her that he loves her.

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