Anupama 15th December 2023 Written Episode: Kavya’s Emotional Departure

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Kavya is about to touch Babu Ji’s feet. Babu Ji stops her and apologizes to her for not being able to help her. He tells her she can stay with them whenever she wants, and says this is also your house, nobody can stop you. Kavya says her new house is near and asks them to visit whenever they want. Babu Ji gives her money as a blessing. She recalls Baa calling Kavya Maide ki kathori. She says time strengthens the relationship.

You have become my mother, Kavya says. Baa says you’ve become my bahu. Dimpy asks why all my friends are going. Kavya asks her to come by or call her. In Kavya’s words to Pakhi, she says, “I know you will think that I am lecturing you, but I am saying it for old times sake and tells Pakhi that marriage requires both partners’ efforts. He says Adhik is waiting for you; go to him.” Vanraj says one minute.

As he approaches Kavya, he instructs her to cut ties with his family. He insists that no one from his family should interact with her, and she is also prohibited from contacting them. He blames their issues for this request and asks if she sees his house as a circus where he is the ringmaster. Based on his commands, she declares that she will not sever ties with her loved ones and walks away as Vanraj enters the house. Kavya tearfully remembers their happy times together and how Vanraj has been emotionally distant towards her and their unborn child. With a heavy heart, she departs while “Kal Ho Na Ho” plays in the background.

After Anupama gives Anuj tea in the morning, he gets a message and checks, and he finds out that Kavya moved to her new house last night. Anupama asks him to take them somewhere, but he says only three. He says soon you will find yourself there. He says he saw Pari’s picture on social media and tells her she has grown. Choti comes there and becomes jealous hearing about Pari. Anupama says she didn’t wish to leave Pari behind.

The balloon bursts. Toshu tells Vanraj that we tease Pakhi when balloons burst in childhood. Vanraj asks about Kinjal. Baa says she will make Pari eat Ragi Kheer. Toshu says Kinjal has gone out with Pari. Vanraj says don’t tell me she has met Anupama. Toshu watches. Vanraj becomes angry.

Kinjal gives Choti a gift. Anupama says it wasn’t necessary. Kinjal says I disturbed you early in the morning. Anupama says no. Malti Devi asks Vanraj how he let you meet Anupama. Yesterday, he told Anupama to leave. Kinjal tells Baa she will meet Mummy until she’s here. Anuj says you’re right. Anupama invites her to tea. Malti Devi tells her that whoever goes there never returns. Kinjal thinks we’ll come to meet everyone every year.

In Malti Devi’s opinion, everyone says this, but they don’t come. Kinjal asks Anupama if they could have a picnic with Choti and Pari. Anupama agrees. They get up just before the glass breaks. Vanraj is excited and says he called Kinjal’s mother, but she didn’t go. Toshu thinks she might have gone elsewhere. Vanraj says Anupama must have called to insult him. Dimpy says Mummy isn’t like this. Vanraj believes he won’t leave Anupama.

Anupama, Kinjal, Choti and Pari go for a picnic. They are surrounded by lush greenery. Anupama shares her love for poetry and praises Anuj’s skills. Kinjal serves coffee and fondly recalls when she used to bring the children alone when they were young. She reminisces about fun games like catch and run but also mentions that her responsibilities as an adult have taken over now. Kinjal confides in Anupama that she didn’t tell anyone at home about this outing. Anupama expresses concern for their families’ worries. Kinjal agrees and adds that Pari especially needs her grandmother’s affection. Pari starts crying, and Kinjal tries to cheer her up with a balloon while the song “Bum Bum Bole” plays in the background. Meanwhile, Choti feels envious of Anupama’s close relationship with the others and even takes a selfie with her with the group.

Anuj and Ankush come to the cabin after the meeting. Anuj tells Ankush that he is worried about Vanraj’s behavior. He says Anupama messaged that Kinjal hadn’t told anyone at home. It is unclear what will happen. Ankush says that Pandit ji noted yesterday that a significant change would occur in the house. Kinjal, Anupama, Choti, and Pari sit in the car.


Anupama tells Kinjal that she will miss her in the UK. Choti tells Anupama that she wants to take the front seat. Anupama says no. While Choti tries to take the front seat, Kinjal gets pushed, and the car collides with the cliff. Anupama finds Kinjal unconscious and the car on the cliff.

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