Barsatein Drama Unfolds: Reyansh’s Deception Revealed at Aradhana’s Wedding | 8th December 2023 Episode Update


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A smile spreads across Reyansh’s face as he sees Aradhana. He thinks we’ll get married today. Kriti sees him and smiles. Nita says enough of the dancing, we’ll go inside now. It’s a small community hall. She asks Bhakti to do his aarti. Malini says I’ll remove his sehra. Kriti says we’ll decide what to do with the nek first. Bhakti thinks we’ll do the aarti first. Jagruti asks Jai to show his face. Varun says Jai looks uncomfortable so that I will fix the sehra.

Pandit says don’t remove the sehra; Rahu is there for 40 minutes; don’t look at his face; it can be troubling for him or the bride. Reyansh stops him. I didn’t pay the pandit for such bad acting, and Bhakti says it’s okay, we don’t want abshagun. She performs the aarti. Nita asks why you want to lower your status. Aradhana’s standards are higher than mine. She says you want to hurt me.

She sees the mehendi on his hand. She says this is awful, I cannot believe you can fall so low, you applied mehendi of Aradhana’s name. Akash asks Jai to come. Aradhana comes in the mandap. She gives her hand to Reyansh. She thinks Reyansh, no, I can’t think of him, I’m doing this for my family. Varun and Akash ask Nita to smile—Aradhana and Reyans exchange garlands. Mai Teri hobai…plays…

As Aradhana asks Malini to come, Nita says Akash must be contacted about this angle. She asks Aradhana if Malini was like your mother or if she adopted you. Aradhana says she got her love from her, so I hope I also get it from you. Akash confirms. Nita nods. Bhakti and Malini tie the gathbandhan. Reyansh holds Aradhana’s hand.

As they take their turns, Aradhana stumbles. Nita inquires about the reason for her faltering in the second round. Aradhana halts, and Bhakti and Nita express their curiosity about the sudden stop. Admitting defeat, Aradhana reveals that she could only complete seven rounds. Meanwhile, Reyansh privately challenges her to keep going, knowing that her heart truly belongs to him, not Jai. Taking off his sehra, Reyansh’s true identity as Kriti is revealed to everyone’s shock. He confidently states that Aradhana loves only him while throwing away his pagdi. Feeling betrayed, Aradhana exposes Reyansh’s deception by asking if he could easily cheat on her. Nita and Akash demand to know Jai’s whereabouts.

Aradhana inquires, “Would you deceive me and agree to marry?” Reyansh responds, “Would you truly wed Jai?” She explains, “I would have declined this union.” He confirms, “I simply wanted to test if you would marry Jai. I knew you wouldn’t do it, and you cannot wed him.” Nita questions in disbelief, “Is this some joke? Where is my son?” Akash turns to Reyansh and asks, “Where is Jai?” Aradhana repeats her question, “Where is Jai? How could you sink so low?” Reyansh clarifies his intentions by saying, “I am his friend, not a tormentor. Jai will arrive soon, and if you wish to marry him, you may.” Aradhana expresses her doubts by saying, “I cannot trust you.” She then tries calling Jai. Reyansh confidently reveals that Kriti has taken him and assures them that she will return him. Kriti arrives to meet Jai and aims a gun at him.


Nita and everyone are shocked after Jai says I don’t love you. Kriti shoots Jai angrily. Varun says Jai was shot.

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