Barsatein 6th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update: Reyansh’s Manipulative Tactics and Aradhana’s Desperate Measures

Barsatein 6th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

During the episode, Malini and her daughters dance. Reyansh speaks to Jai. He says everyone wants love here, so be sweet to them, and they’ll melt down. Jai suggests that you don’t become a philosopher but tell the truth to them. The question is: Why are you marrying Kiki if you don’t love her? Have you fallen in love with anyone else? Jai recalls Aradhana.

A love story is the root of all problems, Reyansh says. Jai asks how he knows. Reyansh says I can see it, and I am not blind. Jai says no, you are deaf and blind. Kriti asks Jai to dance with her. The problem is that Reyansh knows I do not love you, so let it be. Jai says there is no need to act. Reyansh says it’s okay, Kiki, I’ll explain. Viren brings Aradhana home. Kriti asks Reyansh to solve this problem first. Kimaya asks Malini to get Aradhana to leave. Malini becomes angry and asks Viren to come with her.

“Did you manage to persuade Viren when Malini refused to listen?” Reyansh inquires. “Someone believed me,” Aradhana responds, “unlike you, who is a liar and toxic. I told the truth to Viren.” Reyansh declares with satisfaction, “I can’t wait to see Viren begging, thank you.” He then exits.

Meanwhile, Malini voices her concerns about Aradhana and Reyansh to Viren. He calms her down by reminding her that everyone has a past and not to blame Aradhana for it. However, she insists on protecting Kimaya from Aradhana’s interference in their marriage plans. Viren reassures her that they have deleted the incriminating MMS and reveals Reyansh was also involved in the scheme. Malini refuses to discuss it any further.

As Aradhana ponders the situation, Viren confidently states that everything is now in her hands. Reyansh acknowledges that Aradhana has already shared all the details with him. Viren affirms this and adds that no one can interfere with their marriage. However, Reyansh is concerned about Kimaya’s feelings, as she loves him deeply. He then compares his mother’s struggles due to their love and how it affected her relationship with his father. Now, he believes Aradhana’s daughter will not listen to her either. As Viren and Reyansh spot Kimaya, Viren maintains his stance of not being at fault for breaking anyone’s family apart and claims he never looked back at Kadambari. Reyansh points out that Kadambari is where Viren left her and suggests that they resolve any issues between them directly with each other. He then turns to Kimaya.

Reyansh displays his affection towards her by writing his name on her hands. Turning to Kimaya, Viren inquires if she is content. She affirms, prompting him to reassure her that she will always be welcomed and protected in this house. Kimaya brushes off any negative thoughts, expressing gratitude for having Reyansh in her life. Viren emphasizes the importance of her happiness and sends a message to Aradhana for assistance. Meanwhile, Reyansh receives Haldi, and Kadambari approaches her to do the same, but he stops her with a snide remark.

Viren gets Kimaya there. Reyansh says you got late, I thought you wouldn’t get Kimaya. Kimaya says no chance, I was waiting, I would have eloped with you. Kriti asks Kimaya to do Kaleerein rasam. Viren messages Aradhana… talk to Malini. Kimaya says kaleerein aren’t falling. Kriti gets angry and breaks the kaleerein. She says my marriage is subsequent. Jai says it doesn’t have to force everything, and Malini asks Kima to sit for Haldi.

Aradhana asks Malini to listen to her once. Malini says you want to talk about Viren and Kadambari’s affair. Reyansh wants revenge on Viren. Aradhana says no, I wanted to talk about myself. Malini says Reyansh told me everything, you got obsessed with him, you did the same with Mayank, you think you are right, you think these stories are true, will you say you are my daughter? Aradhana asks if Reyansh told you this.

Aradhana’s desperation to stop the marriage was told to Malini by Reyansh. It’s my last warning, Malini says. You’ve tried everything wrong. Kimaya will get married; get out now; it’s my last warning. Aradhana receives a call. She says, “I need your help. I can’t do this alone.” Kriti argues with Aradhana. Jai makes Aradhana apply haldi to his face. Kriti gets angry. Jai tells Kriti to be polite… Kriti puts the haldi on his clothes. Aradhana worries.


I will not leave Aradhana. Malini says I won’t leave her either. Vivek argues with Reyansh. He says I have to die. He jumps into the lake. Reyansh shouts Dad.

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