Shiv Shakti (Zee) 10th September 2023 Written Episode: Shiv Apologizes to Shakti, Ranjan’s Secret Exposed

Shiv Shakti 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Shiv converses with Shakti, Ranjan notices and contemplates holding her hand. Inquiring why she cannot be friends, Shiv receives no response. In frustration, he declares that he, too, is annoyed with her before turning to leave. Inadvertently, he pushes Ranjan, who falls and injures himself. Manorama and others rush to assist him while Shiv checks on his well-being. However, Ranjan is anxious about being recognized by Shiv. He assures them he is fine and attempts to conceal himself from Shiv’s gaze, which Shakti observes.

Keertan contacts Mandira, who inquires if he has discovered who Rimjhim is in love with. Tearfully, Keertan responds in the negative. Mandira probes further, prompting Keertan to reveal his anguish over Shiv openly pursuing Shakti, securing a position, and capturing Shakti’s affection, leaving Keertan heartbroken. Mandira dismisses Shakti as unworthy of Keertan’s tears, to which Keertan admits his enduring love despite acknowledging Shakti’s flaws. Mandira vows retribution for Keertan’s pain, promising to dismantle Shakti, but she requires Keertan’s assistance. Determined, Keertan pledges his support. Mandira tasks him with uncovering Rimjhim’s boyfriend, to which Keertan readily agrees before ending the conversation.

Seeing Keertan crying, Rimjhim decides to approach him. She goes out of the mandir and searches for him. Manorama pulls her away from him. She asks what are you doing? Rimjhim cries and says I just wanted to talk. Manorama says don’t you remember his insults? You made a mistake, but I won’t let you repeat it; marry Ranjan, and she will take her from there.

Shiv apologizes to Shakti for accidentally pushing Ranjan. Shakti playfully gives him a high-five, admiring his assertiveness. However, she quickly takes it back and apologizes, realizing her mistake. Shiv is puzzled by her behavior and questions her. Shakti responds by admitting that she struggles with being inconsistent and unreliable. She tells him that they cannot be friends because of this issue. Shiv gently smiles at her and asks her to look into his eyes and see the sincerity in his heart. He reminds her of their history together. Shakti gazes into his eyes and admits that she does want to remain friends with him despite her concerns. However, she mentions another reason for wanting to reconcile – Ranjan’s presence in the room. Shiv immediately understands and asks why Ranjan’s presence would make a difference in their friendship status. Shakti explains that she cares about Ranjan as he is her future brother-in-law; therefore, he deserves an apology from Shiv for the earlier incident.

According to Shiv, he ran away from me. Shakti believes he should still apologize. She brings him to Ranjan, who fears being recognized by Shiv. Upon seeing him, Shiv hesitates and mentions a potential previous encounter. Ranjan denies it and tries to exit quickly but is chased away by Shiv. Shakti informs Shiv that Ranjan may not be who he appears to be. Shiv recalls having seen him before, but Ranjan’s brother reveals the reason for his scars – being beaten up by Shiv for molesting a girl in his office. With doubts lingering, Ranjan’s brother suggests they continue with the pooja before leaving to avoid suspicion from Shakti.

Shakti brings Rimjhim there, and Ranjan stands beside her. Keertan comes there as well. Shakti prays to Mata Rani to show her the right path, as Gauri did. She has to find the truth about Ranjan, so please help. Shiv tells Nandu that he has seen this Ranjan somewhere but does not know where. Shakti becomes dizzy, and he wonders what is wrong with her.

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