Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd October 2023 Written Episode: Mandira’s Sinister Scheme Threatens Shiv’s Secrets!

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Padma peeks into the box, she realizes its power to devastate Shiv and Shakti. Fearing for their safety, she quickly hides the box and sets out to find Shiv. However, Mandira intercepts her, disrupting her plans. Despite Padma’s concerns about the destructive potential of the box, Mandira leads her away from Shiv and Shakti. Overflowing with guilt, Padma expresses that this item will only lead to ruin – unearthing Shiv’s past secrets that we have carefully concealed. She reminds Mandira that it took Shiv six years to rebuild his life and pleads for her not to take any action. In response, Mandira shows Padma a video featuring Nandu and reveals that someone must suffer the consequences – leaving Padma to decide who will bear the brunt. As she takes possession of the box, Mandira discloses Nandu’s intentions of harming Shiv by secretly adding medication to his sweets. Threatening to frame Nandu if necessary, Mandira adds yet another layer of complexity to this tense situation.

Shiv and Shakti were entangled in fairy lights when Nandu arrived with a smile. After freeing them, he offered sweets to Shiv and fed him. Upon witnessing this, Padma was shocked, while Mandira had ulterior motives as she believed the medicine given to Shiv would cause memory loss. Aware of Raghunath’s potential reaction if he found out about Nandu’s actions, Mandira cautioned Padma against exposing them. However, Nandu approached them and informed Mandira that he had administered the medicine to Shiv. Acknowledging his success, Mandira left the scene while Nandu assured Padma that he would handle any stress she was experiencing before departing himself. Feeling threatened, Padma threatened to expose Mandira but was reminded by her rival that there was no proof against her, and evidence against Nandu existed. With that, Mandira left the area, leaving Padma behind.

Shakti tells Shiv that she got worried when she couldn’t find you, as if you were in trouble. Keertan arrives at the function. Rimjhim looks at him as he wipes his tears. She says he is still crying. I have to do something. She is about to message him, but Manorama takes the phone and glares at Keertan. She takes it from there. Shiv is getting dizzy, but Shakti holds him and asks him if he is okay. She makes him sit down and gives him water. She asks him why. Shiv says I am just tired.

As Ranjan encounters Raghunath and his brother, he quickly averts his gaze to remain unrecognized. Observing this, Mandira becomes anxious that they may recognize him. Shiv then informs Shakti of Ranjan’s attempt to hide from Raghunath. Seeing Ranjan flee, Shiv ponders if he, too, may know him. However, he cannot recall any connection between them. He notes how Ranjan had referred to him as “Sir,” a title given only at their pharma company. Since Raghunath is in charge of the company, it seems likely that there is some link between Ranjan and the company.

As Koyal tries to drink juice, she has Mehndi on her hands. He offers her juice. All make fun of him. Shiv tells Shakti to talk to Raghunath and Chachu if they remember anything. Shiv says your mind is messed up. It played tricks on me for six years, and I can’t find anything in my room. Shakti says what do you mean? He doesn’t answer.

Padma warns Mandira that if Shiv’s secret is revealed, it will cause us to lose everything and our reputation. Shakti questions Shiv about his statement regarding the past six years and his current state of mind. Shiv responds by urging Shakti to focus on Ranjan before anyone thinks he is unstable. Shakti interrupts and advises him against speaking in such a manner. He then suggests a plan: he will lead Ranjan to Raghunath while Shiv brings Manorama there, leading to Ranjan’s exposure. Once that happens, Shakti promises to inquire about the past six years and exits. Feeling lightheaded, Shiv dismisses her with instructions to leave.

Mandira tells Padma that Shiv must be destroyed to stop Shiv from becoming one with Shakti. Otherwise, I will lose this battle. Padma says you’re just thinking about yourself. Mandira says I’m just thinking about myself, too. Shiv believes he wants to tell Shakti the truth, but I can’t give you any pain. I promise Shakti I won’t let Ranjan marry Rimjhim.

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