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Shiv Shakti

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You beat him up badly, Manorama says. Are you crazy? Shiv shouts that you are insane if you cannot recognize the cheapness of this man. I thought you loved your daughters equally, but you proved today that you love only your daughter. Shakti did not cheat you, but you did. You proved that Shakti was not your real daughter. Would you react the same way if someone had done the same with Rimjhim? No, because she is your real daughter.

Manorama expresses disbelief and questions, “Are you questioning my motherly love? I single-handedly raised her when she had no parents. And now you speak as if you were there for her?” Shiv responds, stating that if he indeed was there for her, he would have stood by her, shielded her, and believed in her over anyone else. Shakti becomes emotional upon hearing this. However, Manorama shuts down Shiv’s words and accuses him of lecturing her about raising children. She further admonishes him for his lack of respect towards elders. Shiv counters by saying that it is the responsibility of younger individuals to correct their elders when they are wrong, as is the case today with Manorama’s actions.

The fact that Shakti loves you so much, but you don’t care at all, makes her unlucky. If you cared about her, you would support her, but you’re defending Ranjan. You’re a fraud. Shakti stops him and says enough. You have done much for me, but I will not hear anything about my Chachi or mother. Manorama is emotional hearing that. Shiv asks if a mother would make accusations like that against her daughter.

Shakti points out that any mother in her position, like Manorama, would raise concerns. However, Shiv insists on intervening, to which Shakti reminds him that this is a matter between a mother and her daughter and asks him to leave it to them. Shiv agrees but vows to take action against Ranjan, even considering involving the police. In response, Ranjan’s brother warns Manorama that the wedding will be canceled if the police get involved. In desperation, Manorama pleads with Shakti to stop Shiv. Despite understanding Shiv’s perspective, she asks Shakti to reconsider his decision and reminds him of their bond as parents.

Taking the phone from Shiv, Shakti addresses the matter as a family affair. She kindly asks him to leave and not interfere. Shiv then questions her bravery and reminds her that he will do the same to someone else if he has treated her poorly. Shakti stands firm, stating she is aware of her actions. Shiv laments his desire to be friends with her but reveals that she lacks the qualities of a true friend – courage and strength. He concludes by stating that she cannot be his friend if she cannot stand up for herself.

Shakti is devastated by all that has transpired. Shiv, in a fit of anger, storms out. Manorama apologizes to Ranjan and urges him to keep it between themselves. Ranjan’s brother agrees to discuss the issue later before they both exit. Shakti confides in Manorama, stating that she knows what happened and that Shiv was right – Ranjan did try to assault her. However, Manorama defends Ranjan, claiming he was applying for haldi and that it shouldn’t be a big deal. Shocked by her response, Shakti is at a loss for words. Meanwhile, Shiv leaves Shakti’s house and reflects on how she had taken his phone without his permission earlier. He admits that he doesn’t want to return but feels obligated to do so.

Shakti informs Manorama about Ranjan’s misbehavior towards her and questions whether she believes it to be acceptable. She states that he is not a suitable match for Rimjhim. Shiv overhears the conversation as he steps out of the room. Shakti expresses her discomfort around Ranjan and feels unsafe whenever he approaches her. As a woman, she asks Manorama to understand her feelings and takes a stand against him. She reveals that he had even attempted to molest her, and if it wasn’t for Shiv’s intervention, things could have turned worse. Manorama’s focus is on Rimjhim’s haldi ceremony, and she wants the wedding to go smoothly. She brings a childhood photo of Shakti and Rimjhim together to lighten the mood.

Manorama expressed that she had envisioned a grand marriage for her daughters. As you aspire to become a doctor, I dream of marrying my daughters. This dream holds such significance for me that I cannot fathom anything else taking its place. This dream must come true, as there is no alternative groom for Rimjhim. If this wedding did not occur, it would affect your marriage chances. Shakti believes that a higher power creates relationships, and we should not have to compromise ourselves to please others and form relationships with them.

I understand you want your daughter to marry, but have you considered her happiness after the wedding? Manorama has had enough of your emotional turmoil. Shakti agrees, but she needs to share something with you. She tells her everything about Ranjan’s inappropriate behavior towards her. Manorama interrupts, saying it was just a joke, and Shiv even beats him up for it. Ranjan is a good person for not causing a scene. But if he doesn’t marry Rimjhim, then no one else will. Shakti looks on in silence.


Shiv’s father saves him from falling. Mandira looks at the scene and says we came at the right time. Shiv’s grandmother asks Manorama why he pushed his grandson. Shiv tells Manorama now why he forced him.

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