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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Shakti strolled through the market, a group of troublemakers suddenly grabbed her dupatta. Fortunately, Shiv happened to be nearby and caught her just in time. A small crowd gathered to witness the scene. Keertan’s expression was one of pure fury. As Shakti gazed at Shiv, memories flooded her mind of him pushing her away but also coming to her rescue. “Sun Saathiya” played in the background as they locked eyes. Shakti regained her composure and stood up, while Shiv offered an apology for pushing her that day and explained he had a problem. Overcome with emotion, Shakti began to cry and tried to cover herself. To make matters worse, bystanders began taunting her for losing both her dupatta and her dignity.

Shiv beams at her, and conveys that anyone who attempts to disrespect her should keep quiet. Keertan becomes infuriated and contemplates reprimanding them. Shakti informs Shiv about the danger her uncle is facing and expresses the need to leave. Shiv grasps her hand, halting her movements, and poses a couple of inquiries. Firstly, how did she end up trapped in the storage room? And secondly, does she suspect someone of leaking our confidential news? Shakti takes responsibility for overstepping boundaries and suggests she deserves punishment, but questions why her entire family must suffer as well. She discloses everything to him and concludes that it would be best if they both avoid crossing paths in the future.

Shiv says why? We aren’t wrong, you helped a kid when I should have, but you showed me the right path. Shakti says you’re nice, but sometimes I can’t understand. As a strong woman, I cannot bear the burden of suffering for my family; you should not be surrounded by me. Shiv says okay, he gives her his phone number and says she can call him at any time. He leaves.

As Shatiki leaves, Keertan says, “I can break him easily.” He calls his goons and tells them to target Shakti. The goons go to Shakti and try to harass her, they surround her and don’t let her leave. Shakti asks, “Please let me go.” She is taunted by the goons to give them a chance, so they can make her their doctor. Shatiki tries to calm herself down, but they keep blocking her. Shakti asks for help, but no one helps her. Keertan smirks when he sees all that.

As Shiv is in the hospital, he calls the nurse who is standing outside Shakti’s locked room. He says you looked stressed that day, are you hiding something? She doesn’t answer. Shiv asks who locked Shakti in that room? The nurse says she doesn’t know, but Shiv says Shakti was screaming inside, so why didn’t you help her? It’s my hospital and I won’t let anything go wrong here. He asks her to tell the truth otherwise he will call the police and lose her job.

Chacha says she is worried about Shakti, and Rimjhim tells Manorama that he is worried about Shakti, but he doesn’t know what’s going on.

The goons are harassing Shakti, Keertan says she has to bear this for playing with my feelings. The goon asks Shakti to hug him? She slaps him hard and asks him to stop. She tries to leave but the goon grabs her and phone falls down, the call gets to Shiv. Shiv picks up the phone and hears her screaming, screaming for help. Shiv rushes to help her.


A goon hits Shiv with a stick on his head and he falls. Shiv fights back and saves Shakti from the torturers.

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