Anupama 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 2nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj is devastated upon discovering that Kavya’s baby belongs to Anirudh, not him. Anupama confronts Kavya and urges her to take responsibility for her actions and decide whether to reveal the truth or keep it hidden. Overcome with emotion, Kavya breaks down. Anupama turns to prayer, seeking guidance in this difficult situation, before leaving the room. She notices Vanraj sitting on the floor in a daze and realizes he overheard their conversation. Her mind goes back to when Vanraj and Kavya were in her bedroom during her 25th wedding anniversary, and she wonders why happiness is often followed by sorrow.

He senses her tension and asks where she was leaving midway at the party. Leela asks where is Kavya because she needs to give her medicine. Anupama says Kavya will come down once she is freshened up. Leela asks if Kavya is fine. Kavya is fine, and Leela takes her along to show her something.

As Kavya leaves the room, the family plays games. Anupama laughs superficially and notices Vanraj returning to the family. After receiving medicine from Anupama, Kavya thanks god she revealed the secret only to Anupama and not to V or there would have been a huge problem. Anupama wonders what sort of dilemma is this; she cannot keep quiet or inform anyone.

Ankush doesn’t pick up the phone, and Barkha panics, hoping that her worst fears don’t come true. Paakhi looks at Adhik and thinks they can manage a relationship without love, but not without respect, enough is enough. As a result, she stops seeing family happiness and thinks she needs to tolerate domestic violence silently until she gives a suitable response to Adhik.

She walks to Vanraj and tells him not to worry as she’s fine and his baby too is fine. Vanraj stares at her angrily. Hearing their conversation, Anupama becomes more tensed. In response to Kinjal’s request, Kavya is told to rest or else she will get leg pain. Toshu jokes that Vanraj will press Kavya’s legs while discussing a baby’s name with hashtags. Leela warns them not to spoil the name of her grandchild.

When Choti Anu arrived in Anuj’s life, he was so excited. There is a difference between adopting someone’s child and adopting their own child, Leela explains. Not everyone has the heart to accept another’s child as their own. Anuj justifies the feeling of adopting someone’s child. Vanraj walks away. Anuj asks where he is going. Leela says he probably cried when he became emotional.

When Vanraj locks himself in a car, he becomes anxious. Anupama opens the car door and explains that the baby for which he danced during the baby shower ceremony is not hiss; his love was an illusion, and his marriage was a big betrayal. As Kavya searches for V, she thinks she should reveal the truth to him before he finds out from someone else. As Vanraj continues to describe his happiness, Anupama suggests he control himself. Vanraj asks how.

Anupama voices her certainty that Kavya has committed a major betrayal. Leela looks for V and hands her a phone call from the doctor. Anupama acknowledges that Kavya’s actions cannot be justified, as they are a grave mistake, but emphasizes that there is a child involved in their relationship. Vanraj clarifies that the child is not his, but rather an illegitimate child of Anirudh’s. Anupama highlights that while relationships can be illegitimate, children are not and reminds him of the many dreams he had about this baby. She urges him to consider the innocence of the child in his decision-making, especially after betraying her for 8 years.


As a result, Barkha refuses to let Ankush’s baby stay in the Kapadia house and asks Anupama if Anuj had an illegitimate child, had she allowed him to live in her house. Vanraj says no, as the child never belongs to her.

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