Anupama 13th July 2020 written update

Anupama written update

Meet Anupama

Anupama begins her day with a prayer, with Bapu ji asking her to pray for herself too. Jhilmil arrives and Anupama starts the morning rituals by lighting the diya. Bapu ji admires her for taking on the responsibility of a deity by herself in Kanha’s house. Anupama then goes to check on Paritosh, offering him coffee and inquiring about his studies which he claims she won’t be able to understand. She tidies up his room before attending her daughter Pakhi in her own room. When Pakhi tells her that she should ask permission before entering the room, Anupama amusingly questions if Pakhi asked before being bor. Anupama fixes Pakhi’s skirt and at last makes her way to her husband’s room, laying out his clothes and putting on some bangles that match the tie that Vanraj plans to wear that day.

She repeats her offer for a protein shake, adding a black dot to his foot, before helping him with the exercise. She compliments him on his youthful appearance; he playfully jests that she also needs to take care of herself. When he tells her that she looks like a 50 yr old woman at the age of 42 she gets upset and starts crying. When their son Samar spontaneously breaks into a song, Anupama’s mood lightens and she smiles. Baa looks on, remarking that she can indeed still laugh; Anupama goes to greet her and inquire about her knee. Baa questions about the 1000rs missing from the house expenses to which Anupama informes that the money has been given to the tailor for her blouse. Bapu ji believes it is time for Leela to change while Anupama firmly states that she will not be put through Agnipariksha. Dinner is served soon after and Pakhi refuses to eat thepla and wishes she got to eat risotto like her friends. Anupama apologizes but her husband corrects it to “sorry”.

 As a result, Pakhi makes fun of Anupama and Samar, calling them losers. Samar hears this and leaves. Baa asks Anupama to give Samar food. Anupama’s husband says she won’t understand work, so he asks Pakhi to come. A tiffin is given by Anupama. Pakhi says I will eat in the canteen, this tiffin is embarrassing. As Anupama says, you might get acne after you eat outside. Pakhi takes the tiffin. They leave. Anupama asks if you need anything. Baa says Samar didn’t come for food.

 Anupama sits down. Baa asks her to dry the clothes. Anupama goes. Bapu ji taunts Baa.

Anupama greeted her friend Devika with a hug who has returned from America. She then introduced Devika to Baa and Bapu ji. Baa taunts that childhood friends should visit Mayka and not the marital house. Devika hugged Baa, as Anupama gestured to her to touch her feet. Tauntingly, Baa asked if they would go out for a talk and requested them to sit there instead. Devika voiced her appreciation for Anupama’s sweetness and Bapu ji corrected it by saying that she does all the work at home, so she can’t leave the house. To this, Baa allowed Anupama to go out with her friend.

As soon as I finish my work, Anupama says, “I’ll come”. Baa asks Devika if she put the Sindoor and if your Saas didn’t say anything. I don’t have Saas, Devika replies. Bapu ji says may her soul rest in peace. Devika says no, I mean I got divorced. Baa sees the tattoo and says, “I’m enough.” Devika leaves with Anupama.

Anupama queries Devika about when they will be headed home, feeling strange as she does not go out ofte. In response, her friend takes her to the ancient fort – enchanting Anupama with fond memories. Much to her surprise, her friends show up, screaming “Surprise!” in joy. She inquires about their lives, and they compliment Anupama for excelling as a wife and mother. She modestly explains that it comes naturally to her because she cherishes her family. The group of mates joke around about her husband; Anupama skips in merriment like a child before Devika suggests taking everyone’s name – starting off with Anupama’s husband’s. However, she opts out of doing so and bellows out her children’s names instead. When asked why she put herself last, she responds that all members of a family are equal and swiftly asks what time it is. Her friend informs them that they have an hour left until the time to leave arrives.

When Samar hears music, he starts dancing. Pakhi comes home and asks for water, to which Samar replies that she should do her chores herself; resulting in an argument between the two. Paritosh then arrives and asks for tea. Baa reveals that Anupama has gone out with friends, which prompts Pakhi to query how her mother could go out. Meanwhile, Anupama realizes it’s getting late and her mobile has switched off before making an anklet herself. Unexpectedly, Anupama’s husband comes in and calls out for tea; only to be told by Baa that Anupama is with friends. Pakhi exclaims that she didn’t even get coffee while Paritosh remarks about being hungry. Then Baa informs them that Anupama went out with her divorced friend. Samar offers to make tea but is refused by his father who insists that Anupama do it as it is her job; Unfortunately when he tries calling her the number is switched off, causing him to sit in front of the main door in irritation.

 Anupama runs, dances, and is met with claps from her friends. Thinking of her childhood, the work she needs to do at home, and feeling happy tears, Anupama thanks Devika for making it possible to meet her pals. When asked who else she met, she replies “myself after so many years”. After a warm embrace, Anupama quickly takes off the handmade anklet and heads home. Everyone is expecting her arrival as bhog remains unprepared. As she spots her husband’s car, Anupama wonders how he made it home so soon and if he is alright. Once inside the house, she inquires about his well-being to which Bapu ji replies that he is fine.

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