Anupama 27th November 2023 Written Episode: Anupama Saves Kavya from a Gas Leak

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Anupama 27th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya’s phone turns off. Anupama attempts to call her again but realizes her phone is switched off. Kavya contemplates Anupama’s previous message and returns home to contact her. Anupama requests Baa to alert the neighbors and have them prevent Dimpy and Kavya from going out. As Kavya heads home, she notices a young boy playing with a toy gun.

Meanwhile, Anupama is en route by auto and tries to reach Dimpy by phone but receives no response. Upon arriving at the gate, Kavya removes her keys from her purse and unlocks the door. She encounters something peculiar and opens the window in the living room.

Anupama expressed concern over why no one answered the call when it was necessary. Just as Kavya prepares to turn on the light, Anupama rushes in and urgently tells her not to touch anything because Babu ji left the gas open. This news takes aback Kavya. Anupama quickly heads to the kitchen and turns off the stove and gas cylinder. She then leads Kavya out of the house and reassures her that everything is okay. Kavya revealed that she had noticed a strange smell upon entering but didn’t realize it was gas. Anupama offers her water and assures her that Kanha ji has kept them safe.

As Kavya tells Anupama, Babu ji has been forgetting things lately, and Baa, I, and all of us have noticed this. We didn’t realize something could happen as a result. As Anupama says, God protected us today, and will protect us in the future, she will ask Anuj to get Babu ji treated by a good doctor. She asks Anuj to get him treated by a good doctor. She tells them how he will feel if he hears that he caused the big accident and that she is fine.

Anupama mentioned that they would not disclose the information. I called Baa, and she informed me that there was a gas issue, but it has been resolved. Curious, she inquires about Mr. Shah’s arrival date. Kavya assured him that she would speak to him today. Anupama reminds her of their upcoming delivery and the danger surrounding Dimpy. She invites them to stay at her house for safety, but Kavya declines, citing objections from Barkha and Malti Devi. Despite this, Anupama insists on taking precautions and advises them to be careful. Amazed by her concern for others, Kavya questions how she can think selflessly. Anupama humbly replies that she only cares for her loved ones.

You think about everyone instead of yourself, and Kavya asks her to think about herself, too. Her advice is to do something for herself, and she tells her to achieve her dream and that I feel your US dream will come true. Seeing the plane and smiling, Anupama says she feels she will go to the US this time, just like the butterfly that flew away after sitting on my palm. Kavya claps. Anupama says she thinks that she will go to the US.

Ankush comments on the delicious food and apologizes for burping. Babu Ji then shares his belief that burping brings prosperity to the household in current times. Pakhi playfully teases Babu Ji, saying his views are outdated. Baa expresses her faith that God will continue to bless the house with prosperity. Barkha quietly acknowledges Ankush’s presence, alluding to the fact that he is lucky to be part of such a prosperous household. Turning to Anuj, Ankush remarks on how fortunate he is to have a wife who cooks and has a pleasant demeanor, unlike others. Barkha questions if she is being mocked, to which Ankush clarifies they were not discussing her.

Baa prompts them to discuss Anupama, praising her cooking skills. The others cheer, and Anupama modestly stops them. Ankush adds a dramatic drum roll while Barkha questions why she bothers cooking when servants are home. She then lectures about women’s independence. Anupama argues that choosing to cook for her family is also a form of autonomy and that true freedom lies in one’s thoughts rather than clothing choices.

Baa asks Barkha what you do besides eating chips sitting on the sofa. Anuj says nothing. Barkha asks what you are saying? Anuj says I don’t say anything. He holds her hand, tells her he wants to tell her 4 days, and says, ” I love you, Anupama. I want to say five words to you, my kapadia ji. That surprise element would have been ruined if I had said four words. Anuj says you are learning. Anupama says I love you, my kapadia ji.

Choti expresses her confusion over what the teacher is teaching her. Anupama offers to read and teach her. Malti Devi assures Choti that she will also help with the teaching. Romil mentions the availability of online studies, reassuring everyone that there’s no need to worry. Anuj agrees. Anupama decides to go to school and inquire about online studying in a group. Barkha, Pakhi, and Malti Devi leave the room. Ankush and Babu ji join them on the sofa and sit down. Ankush asks Anuj for some fennel seeds for digestion while Babu ji checks on the food. Anuj brings the fennel seeds, and Babu ji suggests they have them after eating. He then asks Leela to serve the food while he calls everyone to eat. The others are surprised by his sudden memory loss as Baa reveals that he had just finished eating two minutes ago but has already forgotten about it.

In the game of fishing with the magnetic string, Dimpy and Kavya catch toy fish. Dimpy says we’ll have two girls, while Kavya says boys are cute but naughty. Dimpy says nobody’s bad sight will fall on us and that life ended when the video was leaked. Kavya says Anupama will handle everything; otherwise, I don’t know what would have happened. Dimpy says they shall be happy. That’s our motto now.

Anuj informs Anupama of the gravity of the matter. She expresses her fear of losing Babu Ji if he forgets them. Assuring her, Anuj suggests getting Babu ji treated. They make their way to the ice cream stall and purchase some. While enjoying their treats, Anuj eats his first, causing Anupama to laugh. Attempting to take a bite from her cone playfully, Anuj accidentally drops it, leading them both to share a laugh. Moved by the moment, Anuj recites poetry expressing his feelings for her again. He then mentions wanting to take a trip abroad and imagine themselves ice skating in America after receiving an invitation from Martin. He asks if she wants to go with him and suddenly notices something alarming, exclaiming, “What the hell?”.


In the video, Anuj and Anupama see Romil riding a bike with a girl. Anupama asks Romil if it was his bike, if he had a driving license, and if he wore a helmet. Romil says it was hanging on to the side. She says head protection is essential and asks Romil to think about how his parents will feel if something happens to him. I have lost a son myself.

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