Anupama 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anuj and Anupama Face Emotional Turmoil

Anupama written update

Anupama 1st March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

While standing on the road, Anupama receives a call from Anuj. She briefly worries about her younger sister Choti’s well-being before answering and addressing him as Mr. Kapadia. Noticing a shift in their relationship, he playfully mentions how she used to treat him differently five years ago. Anupama reminds him that she maintains a clear boundary between her personal and professional life. Amused, Anuj comments on how life cannot be separated like that of individuals. Sensing his underlying intention, Anupama asks if he needs something from her. He hesitantly responds with “Mr.” again and admits that although he may not have a place in her present life or heart, it still hurts to feel like a stranger.

As Anupama says, Kapadia, sir, let me know if you have work to do. As Anuj said, he called to discuss the event and told him that many people from all over the world would attend, and if he had anything to say, it would be necessary for the stall. She tells him she is just a cook here and asks him to speak with her boss, Yashdeep sir. Anuj says your Yashdeep sir won’t do anything without asking or looking in your eyes. Anupama says it is late, so he asks him to speak to her boss. Anuj asks him if I want to talk to her then.

She apologizes for fighting with Vanraj over Titu. Pakhi says she thought he loved me, but I was wrong. She promises not to think about him anymore. Vanraj says good, and I’m glad you realized your mistake. I went to meet him in his hotel room, according to Pakhi. She says I thought I should tell you before Dimpy or Kavya tell you. She says I went to clear something, but now I won’t.

Vanraj stops her and asks if Dimpy and Kavya knew that you went to meet that guy. Pakhi says no and says she thought they would be there since Dimpy went to meet Titu with the help of Kavya. Anupama tells Anuj that she is going to Kinjal and Toshu’s house. She thinks she won’t let Titu and Dimpy unite.

Anuj says Mr. Dhillon must be dropping you off. Anupama says I’m waiting for my bus. Anuj asks her to message him after she gets there. When Titu comes to the tea shop and asks him for two teas, the seller says he’ll give them to him now. He apologizes to her. Good night, Anupama says. He says he had just a night and was not well. Adhik holds Titu’s hand to stop Vanraj from hitting him with the pot from the roadside stall.

Pari arrives at Kinjal’s house and asks Anupama if you are tired, I’ll massage your shoulder. Anupama says no, I’m your Dadi. Pari says Mamma says that God and even elders can be happy when cared for. Pari asks Anupama how she will dance without ghungroo and asks her to buy. Anupama says it’s expensive. Pari says she has an idea for how you will dance without ghungrooo. Anupama says it’s costly.

According to Adhik, Pakhi has been poisoning Vanraj against Titu and Dimpy. Vanraj asks if Adhik considers him a friend. Adhik responds that they both have suffered at the hands of Vanraj’s daughter. Vanraj warns him to leave before he gets hurt, too. Adhik advises him to go home and talk some sense into Pakhi. He reveals that Pakhi went to Titu’s hotel the previous night and proposed marriage, getting close to him. Pari then offers Anupama some ghungroo from her collection, but Anupama declines. After Pari insists, Anupama, Pari, and Kinjal collaborate on making the ghungroo together.

Vanraj shouts Adhik. Adhik asks him to make his spoilt daughter understand and to stay away from Dimpy and Titu else. Vanraj asks what will you do? I have a recording of whatever she said to Titu. Adhik says and threatens to take it to court, and then they will both have to keep their heads down.

Dimpy and Kavya confront Pakhi and ask what she wants to do. Pakhi blames Kavya and says she has made many mistakes, accusing her of them. Kavya says she has taken responsibility and is bearing the punishment even now. Dimpy asks her not to defame them again.

Anupama is currently at the dance school, where she explains to a fellow student the importance of having enthusiasm and dedication when learning dance. She shares her childhood dream of learning dance, which eventually led her to receive a call from Gurumaa. While Anupama and Pari are dancing, Kinjal captures their performance on video and sends it to Toshu. Meanwhile, Anuj updates Toshu about their upcoming event, emphasizing the need for tight security for the jewelry. As Toshu receives a call from some troublemakers, Anuj urges him to take it before leaving the room. After answering the call, Toshu assured them he would deliver their money promptly.

Anupama relays to Diya the conversation she had with Yashdeep sir. Diya responds that he must have mentioned her daughter, Tiya. She shares that dance is a source of healing for her, and she finds solace in watching the children dance. Anupama empathizes, having also experienced loss with the death of her son. Diya apologizes for bringing up painful memories. She explains how she had urged Yashdeep to get married, but he insisted on finding a girl like Simran before introducing her to his family. Diya reveals that Yashdeep introduced Anupama as his potential match yesterday, and she has never seen him happier before. Despite Anupama’s attempts to correct her, Diya excuses herself as one of her students needs her attention.

Aadhya shouted at Anupama and asked her to leave. Anuj asked her to say sorry to her mummy. Aadhya said no; Shruti is my mummy. The neighbors asked Baa to bring Dimpy, or she would make America here. Anupama cries, hugging Beeji, and says all those relationships came before her.

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