Kavya 14th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Triumph and Adi’s Victory


Kavya 14th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Giriraj asks Badi Amma to leave at the beginning of the episode. Kavya convinces her to come. Adi taunts her. Badi Amma scolds Giriraj for the loss of his son. She makes him feel guilty. She says you have come in Kavya’s words and asked me to leave. Malini says stop the nonsense. Badi Amma curses Giriraj. She falls. Everyone runs to her. Santu watches the news after a few days.

It’s election time, not a cricket match, so Giriraj says I can’t move. Santu says I won’t leave until Adi wins. Giriraj gets a call. Badi Amma has a heart attack, and I can’t leave her to die. She claims she killed Omi. How can you believe her? She is our enemy, she shouldn’t come home, she blamed you for killing your brother, I know you wouldn’t do that. When Giriraj sent his brother the medicines, he instructed the man to take them late.

People chant Adi’s name as he dances. Giriraj dances as well. Kavya comes. Adi dances with her on Naam hai lakhan… Santu says the voting count is on, but Adi has not yet won. He switches off the TV and says that I have won. The family of Kavya arrives, and Adi asks Kavya to sit down. He reads the excellent news: Kavya is back as SDM, suspension waived. Everyone is happy. Kavya cries happily.

Even though Malini apologizes to Kavya, they hug and smile. Adi says he doesn’t care whether he wins the elections, and he’s happy with this victory. They hug. They hug. Rajeev says we knew it, Kavya won’t lose. Anjali asks Rajeev not to worry. Mayank compares Adi to Shubh. He reminds them what Shubh did. He says Adi cares more about Kavya’s happiness than himself. Ajali confirms that he is Kavya’s best partner. Rajeev praises Kavya.

According to Anjali, he has expressed the same sentiment. He admits his previous mistreatment of her and must now redeem himself. Anjali agrees with this, acknowledging Kavya’s high position and encouraging others to take pride in it. While conceding that ego and self-respect differ, Anjali asserts they will not be intimidated by anyone. Giriraj expresses his gratitude to Sanjeev and is blessed by him in return. Malini notices Alka’s smile. As the election results are announced, Kavya invites Adi to sit down and announce his election as MLA. This news brings joy to everyone who congratulates Adi. Furthermore, Anjali believes that Kavya is a perfect match for Adi.

Rajeev claims he has secured a ministerial position through his father’s influence. Upon seeing a picture of Omi, Giriraj becomes emotional. Adi offers comfort, and they both express their joy at realizing Omi’s dream. In a private moment, Giriraj speaks to a miniature figure and reveals his aspiration to become the CM, which Adi promises to fulfill. Later at night, Adi eats ice cream while Kavya admits to being nervous due to the accusations against her. Adi reassures and uplifts her, leading them to hold hands and share a hug.


They promise not to let their work get in the way of their relationship.

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