Kavya 10th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Naagin Declaration and Cheque Drama


Kavya 10th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Kavya talking to everyone. She defends Naagin, saying humans kill more than Naagin. She mocks the Sasural family. She says Naagin can compete with Naagraj, but I will give it a tough fight because I’m a Naagin. Everyone claps. The lady praises Kavya, telling Rajeev, Mayank, and Anjali that her wife is amazing. They dance on Naagin Nachna. Anjali says she is Bansals’ daughter.

Kavya spots Adi and confidently declares herself a Naagin, just like the one in movies who fiercely protects her family and never abandons her nest until death. She takes pride in her courage, appearance, and nature as she shamelessly admits to being a Naagin. Much to Rajeev’s amusement, Alka, Malini, and Badi Amma also claim to be Naagins. However, Badi Amma scolds Alka for her shamelessness while Malini explains that she had invited Alka there. Badi Amma questions Alka’s audacity and offers her juice as a reprimand.

Alka refuses and bursts into tears. Adi and Kavya intervene, preventing Badi Amma from further upsetting her. Anurag offers Alka a glass of water while Adi watches on with a smile before excusing himself. Anurag reassures Alka that he will handle Badi Amma and compliments her outfit. Kavya talks to Bunty about a problem, to which Khanna interjects with doubts. A light argument ensues between Kavya and Khanna until they are interrupted by Badi Amma. She urges Bunty to focus on the task and hand the cheque to Adi instead of wasting time with Kavya. Bunty takes this as an opportunity to announce their collaboration and praise Adi’s leadership skills. He proudly accepts the cheque, stating that the country needs more politicians like him.

He takes the envelope and says it is empty. Bunty checks it and asks everyone to find the cheque. Kavya hides it and recalls stealing it. Alka walks lost. Sanjeev asks if you’re okay. Aurag is trying to get close to me, and I wouldn’t say I like it. He asks if I did anything wrong. She says Anurag wants to get close to me, but I wouldn’t say I like that. He says you’re alone. He says it’s not wrong to have a life partner. She goes.

From Kavya’s hand, the cheque flies. She runs to pick it up. Badi Amma sees the cheque stuck on her back, so she falls. Badi Amma turns and sees Kavya. Kavya thinks I won’t let Adi take this cheque. She dances on Main Teri Dushman. The cheque falls. Kavya scares Bunty. The cheque flies to Adi. Adi picks up the cheque. Kavya dances around him. He says, so you did this, how much will you fall?

Kavya invites her partner to dance, stating it will appear like a romantic relationship. As she takes the cheque, he joins her on the dance floor and assures her that a new one can be made. She reminds him not to tarnish his reputation, prompting him to hand over the cheque. Kavya admires him, claiming she would fight for him against anyone. Their playful argument continues while they dance, each trying to keep hold of the cheque. He challenges her to prove Bunty wrong, and if she succeeds, he will rip up the cheque. Accepting the challenge, Kavya is determined to win as Giriraj applauds their efforts. Finally, Bunty hands the cheque to Adi as Giriraj announces that his daughter-in-law and son found it.

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