Jhanak 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Arshi’s Decision and Jhanak’s Revelation

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She asks Anirudh to take a look at her condition. He says he wants to trust her, that you didn’t drink on your own, and that everyone is upset with you. He says I was also upset, but I am not upset now, I know you aren’t doing anything deliberately, you told a lot yesterday, maybe you don’t remember. She says forgive me for everything I said and did, and I’ll return to Srinagar today. He says no.

Then I’ll go to Arshi’s place. He says yes, but this is also not possible. She asks why, he says you have a 104 fever, you need a doctor. She says no, I’ll get fine, don’t worry. He says you don’t tell me. She says you don’t interfere with my life. He explains to her why. Appu says Jhanak isn’t leaving. Arshi asks Bipasha to call Jhanak. Bipasha says she has a fever. Arshi says we need to take her to a doctor. Where is she?

He says shut up, you did a drama and insulted me by giving Arshi the cake and flowers. Jhanak says you’re upset with me. She said I didn’t deserve those cakes and flowers, so I gave them to Arshi. He says fine, talk less, you’re sick. Shubh asks Arshi to have breakfast. She says no, I’m fasting, I’ll look for Jhanak where is Arshi. Lal lies. Appu says lie, they’re lying. He’s in Jhanak’s room. Arshi goes to see Jhanak. She sees Arshi taking care of Jhanak.

Arshi says I will get ready in 10 minutes, Jhanak. She scolds him. Airudh says no need, you’ll take a nap today, Jhanak. She says I came to take her. He says she has a 104 fever and she needs a doctor. She says we’ll call a doctor at home, don’t worry, we’re human. He says she can’t leave this way. Arshi argues with him. Jhanak gets up and gets dizzy. Anirudh holds her. He says she’ll be fine, and I’ll drop her off.

Upon Jhanak’s recovery, Anirudh assures that he will bring her to Arshi’s house, asking for their trust. However, despite Shubh and Bipasha attempting to resolve the situation, Arshi leaves. Shubh pleads for her not to go, while Bipasha promises to handle things. Arshi clarifies that she is disappointed rather than angry and sees no point in staying there any longer. Despite Kaka and Anjana’s arguments with Tanuja, Lal and Bipasha also engage in a heated discussion. Kaka states that he did not decide for Jhanak to stay there, emphasizing that her health must improve first. Appu supports Anirudh in stopping Jhanak from leaving. However, Arshi intervenes, and Jhanak requests not to upset her sister-in-law. Feeling hurt by her decision, Anirudh questions if he is responsible enough to allow her to leave in such a vulnerable state.

Anirudh descends the stairs as Arshi approaches him. She expresses her desire to take Jhanak with her, but Anirudh reassures her he is taking good care of Jhanak. He kindly offers to drop Arshi off, but she declines and reminds him not to try to control her as she is not Jhanak. Anirudh clarifies that he is not controlling Jhanak but simply trying to help her as she is unwell. Shubh interjects and warns Anirudh about getting caught up in Jhanak’s manipulation. Anirudh insists that Jhanak is genuinely ill and not putting on an act. Arshi then suggests that Anirudh can keep Jhanak there for as long as he wants. Eventually, Jhanak gets up and leaves the room. Shubh remarks that this situation will only end once Anirudh marries Arshi.

Arshi says to talk to my mom about it, and I’ll go. Anirudh says listen, have breakfast. She says it’s okay, don’t do me a favour. He asks what you’re saying. She says whatever happened, Jhanak is staying at your house, you know how I’m feeling. He says it’s important to me, and I reacted as a result of last night’s matter. Jhanak hears them. Anirudh says Jhanak wasn’t in her senses. Jhanak hears them. Anirudh says she was not in her senses.

Shubh reprimands him, while Arshi admits to having kept many secrets. Determined to get to the bottom of it, she insists that the wedding date won’t be announced until the matter is resolved. Jhanak observes this exchange and is called out by Arshi, who also scolds her. Concerned for her well-being, Anirudh urges Jhanak to rest while Appu agrees and tells her to go inside. Shubh then requests Anjana to take Appu to their room before returning to Jhanak and asks her about what she mentioned yesterday. Curious, Tanuja asks about the secret, prompting Jhanak to reveal that something that only Anirudh knows about had happened in her past.


She falls down the stairs and faints. Anirudh lifts her. Dadi says Jhanak should have sindoor. Arshi says Jhanak is married. Shrishti says you step back from this relationship. Arshi says no.

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