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When Jhanak enters the bathroom, she tries to remove her vermilion from her forehead. When Anirudha asks her to follow him to Kolkata, Jhanak hesitates since she is already her mother and has caused many headaches. Still, Anirudh firmly insists that he will handle it on his own. It takes Jhanak longer to remove her vermilion because it is sticky.

Both Anirudh and Jhanak are late for their trains. Both run to catch the running train after a while, though Jhanak is unable to run fast, but Anirudh helps her board the train. In order to avoid being betrayed and fooled badly, Bharat becomes angry because he couldn’t get Jhanak on the night of her wedding. As he enters Bharat’s home, he threatens Bharat, assuming that Jhanak has eloped with Anirudh, his son-in-law.

Tejas doubts the family’s involvement in Jhanak’s elopement with Anirudh, although Bharat and his family assume they aren’t involved. Tejas emphatically orders Bharat to bring Jhanak by hook or crook as Bharat has affirmed that there is no connection between Anirudh and Jhanak. Otherwise, he will kill his entire family.

Arshi visits Anirudh’s home to learn more about him so she will have some background information about him. Anirudh’s family members warmly welcome and appreciate her. They encourage Arshi not to be tense since Anirudh will arrive shortly. Jhanak and Arshi eagerly await their marriage ceremony.

When she is on the train, Anirudh asks Jhanak to go to the washroom. When she goes to the washroom, she changes her wedding dress into an ordinary dress. Thinking of her mother, she feels awful about herself. She asks her mother why she left her without saying a word. She peers in the door when Anirudh arrives and drags her inside. In his opinion, Jhanak was trying to take her own life, so he rebuked her.

Apu eagerly awaits the gift that Anirudh promised. Even though the chhoti bahu tries to portray Jhanak as a characterless girl who could seduce Anirudh, all the family members think about the hypothetical incident for which Anirudh is getting late. In contrast, Tejas captures both Jhanak and Anirudh.


Jhanak and Anirudh are on the road to catch the next train to the railway platform. As Anirudh leaves Jhanak, Tejas threatens her. He also asks his man to find Jhanak, but Anirudh stands beside her like a rock. Tejas points a gun at Anirudh, but Anirudh applies vermilion to Jhanak’s forehead to prove she is his wife.

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