Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 5th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ishwar’s Decision Shocks Nandini

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 5th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Ishwar has to leave for some important work in the morning, Manri informs Ishwar that all they need to do is take clothes, and Ishwar asks Manri to do it. Manri mentions it will only take two minutes, so Ishwar replies that’s why he said they both had to do it. Manri asks Nandini to come when she says Ishwar has been very irritable lately. She says this is all related to the wedding.

Mehul is giving directions to the group and letting Ishwar know that he has spoken to the lawyer, who will send scanned copies of the necessary documents for him to sign. He also mentioned that he had secured a venue for the event. However, Ishwar brings up Hemraj’s suggestion to arrange hotel accommodations for their guests. Mehul considers expressing his inability to do so to Hemraj, but Ishwar reveals that he has already agreed. In response, Mehul mentions the high cost of a hotel and asks if it is worth more than the entire wedding arrangement.

Ishwar explains that he plans to use the house as collateral and gathers the necessary paperwork. When Nandini and Manri arrive, they inquire about his intentions with the papers. Ishwar clarified that he was searching for his chequebook, and Nandini kindly offered to retrieve it. Meanwhile, he asks Manri to fetch some water for him and checks in with Nandini about her shopping progress as she shows him a cloth for Naren’s dress. Quickly, Ishwar takes a sip of water before departing.

Nandini enquires with Manri about Ishwar uncle’s current state of stress. In response, Manri explains that this is a familiar feeling for fathers of daughters. As they continue their conversation, Manri notices the chequebook and assumes he must have left it there. Meanwhile, Jigar asks Naren for his thoughts on the girl from a humble background and how Hemraj was convinced. Naren reveals that Nandini’s simplicity and integrity won him over, despite Ronaq’s doubts. Jigar persists, asking how Hemraj could agree to it, to which Naren responds by emphasizing his father’s unconditional love and disregard for material possessions. Upon hearing this, Jigar insinuates Hemraj’s reasons for this marriage as Naren excuses himself to leave.

When Manri arrives with a bag of metal and glass objects, Nandini is packing her belongings. She urges Nandini to take them, explaining that her morning routine is incomplete without them. However, Nandini declines, noting that her set would not be complete. Manri insists that these items are essential for women as they remind them of their childhood home when they start their own families. Overcoming this emotion, Nandini hugs Manri before expressing her nervousness about leaving. To reassure her, Manri picks up the phone and promises always to be a guiding light in Nandini’s life.

Nandini picks up the phone as Naren notices her emotional state and inquires about why she is crying. She remembers Manri’s words about leaving one’s own home, prompting Naren to suggest he could move in with her if she desires. She eagerly shows him the things she has bought for him, but Naren reminds her to take care of herself before ending the call. As Manri returns and asks if she learned anything, Nandini reflects on how women often leave everything behind for love, a ritual ingrained in this world.

According to Manri, Nandini is fortunate to have found someone willing to alter societal customs. Therefore, she should not be concerned about leaving her family and instead embrace a lifetime of happiness with him. Nandini embraces Manri once more. Later, Mitesh proposes that Nandini take whatever belongings she desires, even their clothes. When Nandini inquires if she can also take him, Manri suggests they call their uncle. Ishwar arrives and explains that he came because Nandini remembered him and wished him to live a long life.

Ishwar says he has made the arrangements for the stay. Manri replies that it’s already decided, but Ishwar says he’s arranged their stay in the hotel. Nandini and Mitesh are shocked. She says the hotel is costly, but Ishwar replies that they have not taken even a single cent in the name of dowry, so now everything will be done according to his wishes, and he goes back into the house. It is wrong, Nandini says, but Mitesh replies that he must tell his friends.

In the evening, Manri approaches Ishwar in the room and informs him that they have secured a significant discount. Considering their financial situation, she then asks how Ishwar could arrange such a large amount of money. He reveals that he took out a loan with interest, prompting Manri to question how they will repay it given their past struggles with selling their farm. Ishwar points out that Manri encouraged him not to let go of this opportunity, and now she should trust in his decision to proceed as planned.

As Ishwar is sitting with the official finalizing the wedding menu, he says the name of an exotic dish that Ishwar cannot understand. Nandini arrives, and he leaves after hearing from Hemraj.

Ishwar is on the phone with Hemraj, who inquires about finalizing the farm deal. He suggests signing it before the wedding, stating that it is a matter of priority. Ishwar questions the feasibility of doing so before the wedding, but Hemraj remains firm. Nandini enters the room, and Ishwar informs her that he has arranged a stay at the Greencent Hotel. A gleeful smile appears on Hemraj’s face as he ends the call. Nandini voices her opinion about canceling it, but Ishwar dismisses her concerns, reminding her that he will decide on wedding expenses.

Anousya Baa sits down and is offered her medicines. After taking them, she invites a lady to accompany her. Meanwhile, Hemraj approaches her to seek her blessings. As he observes the wedding preparations made by the women of the Ratansi family, he contemplates that this marriage seems merely a business transaction.

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