Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st February 2023


A written update on Teri Meri Doriyaan’s 1st February 2023 episode

Gurleen inquires to Santosh if Seerat is her only child. Santosh proclaims that she is the entire world to them and they have brought her up with love and warmth. Manveer inquires about Seerat’s qualifications, and Santosh explains that she has done multiple courses and loves reading. Kiara proceeds to ask if she is a nerd, which Santosh denies, claiming that Seerat is an all-rounder and is known for being popular amongst boys. Manveer then wonders what she meant by this, to which Santosh responds that this means that she has many suitors looking to better the matchmaker family name by proposing marriage. Jasleen then assumes that Seerat must be the sole inheritor of her father’s wealth and business, to which Santosh agrees. Bebe insists upon having Santosh take up the offer of Angad’s hand in marriage, which she gladly agrees to after Manveer reminds her to consider it well before coming to a decision – something which made her overjoyed as finally thank god.

Angad asked Seerat what she likes about his business and she replied that she liked the diamonds. She then requested the waiter for the bill, which prompted Angad to ask if she was in a hurry. Seerat denied this, so the waiter brought their bill, however, on seeing it, Seerat got angry because it had been charged for two coffees instead of one as one was complimentary for Garry. Meanwhile, Guruleen questioned Manveer as to why she was rejecting an alliance. Manveer told her that they would be visiting Santosh’s house tomorrow in order to finalize things. This made Santosh feel anxious and Guruleen checked if it was alright with her; Santosh nervously answered yes as her husband would be home within a day or two.

Seerat enquired of the waiter regarding the previous one, to which he replied it was a shift change and assured her that the tip will go to that waiter. Following she gave 2000 rupees and silently hoped she won’t have to endure being Angad’s date anymore. Angad thanked her for the treat, adding that next time it would be his turn. Seerat asked him to drop her home as she had some work related to marketing waiting for her there. Sahiba arrived at the restaurant and tried calling Seerat but to no avail since her phone was off. Angad and Seerat walked past her without realizing, who showed Seerat’s photo to the waiter and asked if she was present there. He informed me that she had just left before long. Angad drove, relieved that his car had been repaired and brought back to his hotel by the mechanic. Ghazals were playing on the radio; Seerat revealing how much she adored them made quite an impression on him. Additionally, Angad was impressed by her marketing insights, although he couldn’t help but feel envious knowing an attractive young woman like hers was talking business while they were together in his car.

Sahiba asked Angad to pull the car over since her house was close. She wanted to walk as per usual. Angad suggested he accompany her and she replied that she preferred to go alone, practising breath-in and out exercises. To bid farewell, Angad gave her flowers and chocolates as a present. Sahiba marched off, disgruntled by the fact that this was not a diamond ring as Garry had given her. In her mind, she viewed him as the better choice compared to Angad. She thought of how she would be able to show off her diamond ring to Santosh and tell her that they were officially going steady. As Angad drove away in his vehicle, his head filled with thoughts of Seerat. However, Sahiba spotted his day dreaming and stopped his car again.

Angad gets out of the car and starts shouting, questioning why Sahiba follows and troubles him every day. He accuses her of scolding him for calling a girl on a date and making her wait. Angad wonders how she knew about the girl and asks what she knows about her. Getting no response, he snidely comments that he knows girls like she only pursues rich boys for money before throwing some cash at her, ordering to stop bothering him. Sahiba retaliates by trying to slap him; however, he grabs her hand and their interaction is witnessed by passers-by who recognize Angad as a wealthy yet spoiled young man and urge him to cease his misconduct towards Sahiba. Ignoring their warnings, he continues to misbehave but Sahiba stands her ground, challenging him to teach her a lesson if he is brave enough so. She then retrieves his money from the floor and gives it back to him before warning him that she will teach him a lesson for insulting her. Undeterred, he warns back that the same awaits if she dares challenge him again.

As they visit Seerat’s house, Bebe informs Manveer that she wants to perform Seerat and Angad’s engagement. Though Angad likes Seerat, Manveer has the final say. Sahiba informs the family that Brars want to fix Seerat’s alliance with Angad. Santosh informs the family that Brars want to fix Seerat’s alliance with Angad.

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