Faltu 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Written episode update for Faltu 21st November 2022.

The episode begins with Janardhan summoning his business heir, only to find Suhana pointing out Ayaan’s presence. Everyone’s elated with joy and Janardhan happily announces his son’s name, followed by a round of applause. Sid returns as well, adding cheer to the atmosphere. Janardhan then expresses his pride and mentions that the engagement mahurat is to last an hour, after which Faltu runs on the street with goons in the chase. Sumitra questions Ayaan for having made them worry so much, wondering if he had eloped with some girl. Janardhan is sure Ayaan would never bring disrepute to their family over a woman. He inquires about the reason behind Ayaan’s disappearance.

Ayaan contemplates telling Janardhan the truth later. Sid’s notion is confirmed, there was no pressing issue at Maath and Ayaan had no choice but to assist in rebuilding. His father praises him for fulfilling his promise, and Ayaan goes to ready himself. He anxiously awaits Faltu’s call but his mother interrupts him, insisting he prepares first; he can check from the phone later. Charan consoles an anxious Jamuna with the assurance that Ayaan is looking after their daughter – she is a mother so it is understandable that she would be anxious. Janardhan advises they continue with the engagement ceremony and encourages Ayaan and Tanisha to exchange rings as everybody cheers. While the festivities go on, Ayaan worries about Faltu’s well-being.

He says Faltu… His mum enquires about it and Suhana hastily covers up. Ayaan slips the ring on Tanisha’s finger, to which Kanika smiles, congratulating them on becoming relatives. Janardhan beams, proud of his son for keeping his word by coming in time. Meanwhile, the goons rummage around looking for Faltu who managed to hide before texting Ayaan. He informs Janardhan that he needs to take a call and come back, but is prevented from doing so. Kumkum asks Dadi why Mrijula isn’t present and she reveals that Janardhan had not invited her – being Ayaan’s adored Bua – causing her distress.

Tanisha has known Ayaan since childhood and is glad he is becoming her life partner. She thanks Janardhan for making her a bahu. She wishes to uphold the family’s respect, so she asks Ayaan what’s wrong. Uncle urges him to talk, but Ayaan mentions that a man loses words on his engagement – he and Tanisha are good friends, and he intends to make this marriage work, despite his promise to Charan. Upon hearing about the driver trying to take Faltu’s bag and run, Ayaan rushes out in his car. Sid follows him, wondering where he was going at that time of night. When Ayaan arrives at the cab parked on the roadside, he looks for Faltu only to discover that some goons had been laughing at her – luckily she manages to fight them off before disappearing. The same man tells Sid that Ayaan came asking after a girl, leaving Sid baffled as to what could be happening; attempting not to waste any more time, Ayaan runs off again in search of Faltu.

The precap:

Janardhan says Ayaan is a responsible guy. Sid says I’ll tell you where he is. Ayaan says he found the girl.

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