Faltu 22nd July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

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Charan starts off by telling Faltu not to be in tears. He expresses his confusion as to who Ruhaan is, and why he is after her life. Charan then mentions the horrifying things Ayaan said about Ruhaan and her, admitting that it was too much for him to hear. Faltu asks for Charan’s trust before Neil wakes up feeling disturbed. Charan admits he came searching for answers, yet instead, he stumbled upon Ayaan’s true colours. He realizes now that her Sasural never had her back. Janardhan anxiously awaits Ayaan’s return while Savita questions his worry over the matter.

Govind and Harsh arrive, and Janardhan inquires why Ayaan was so upset. Govind revealed he was crying, blaming himself for the trouble Faltu was in. Tanu pointed out that he had hoped to move on from this. Ayaan turns up, explaining he learned the truth – Ruhaan had deliberately set up Faltu as a means to take revenge on the Mittal family, with Faltu unaware of what was occurring. Janardhan embraces his son in comfort.

I don’t understand how you got to Ruhaan’s house, Charan says. Faltu says I don’t remember, those girls spiked my drink, I fainted when I regained consciousness, I was at Ruhaan’s house, I don’t remember anything, trust me, I did nothing. I explained this to Ayaan many times, but he didn’t listen to me and blamed me. The father watches as she hugs Charan and tears.

Ayaan reflects on his mistakes, admitting that he didn’t heed the advice of his father and grandmother, and failed to recognize the truth. He berates himself for his hurtful words towards Faltu, despite her attempts to make her side of the story known. As her husband, he knew it was his responsibility to stand behind her and trust her – yet he stooped too low in acting so badly. Charan comforts Ayaan, reassuring her that they can still start anew in Ittarpur by getting admission into a cricket academy. However, she refuses – not wanting to take flight as if a thief. Instead, she will stay bravely and prove everyone wrong.

Savita assures Ayaan that he is not wrong, to which Ayaan reacts with a sense of guilt and embarrassment; claiming he does not deserve someone as nice as Faltu. Tanu is wondering what Ruhaan did to cause this mess, and Ayaan insists that he will try to make amends. He tells Tanu to find out from Charan about Faltu’s whereabouts so he can apologize for his mistakes. However, she informs him that Faltu had already been sent the divorce papers.

She was taken aback when she saw the divorce papers. Charan encouraged her to stand up for herself and maintain her dignity, by signing them and bringing the ordeal to an end. She wept while Tanu added that there was little point in going to the railway station since he had already left. Ayaan then suggested they visit Ittarpur with the intention of convincing Faltu, though Janardhan thought that might be useless if didn’t go along with him. But, Ayaan proposed posting on social media as a possible solution, only for Tanu to remind him that she didn’t use it; they would risk their reputation if he did. Kinshuk then interjected and offered to do it himself.

Ayaan says we will go to the police station and ask them to find Faltu. Tanu says stop, you won’t get Faltu, you won’t go anywhere.

Faltu said that though she could answer, what would be the point if Ayaan didn’t believe her; he was an outsider, while Ayaan was like family. This wasn’t the first time he had done this – even prior to their marriage, she had not cared. But now, if she was going to have to prove it, there would be no use as the relationship had ended. Kaka went and got tea for them while Dada Ji asked Charan to sit down and talk. Charan apologized for coming here and saying all that in anger – he was just a father of a girl after all – but Neil got angry and walked out. Dada ji said that he was Brijmohan and this was his house, Faltu having saved his grandson’s life in Nasik and brought him back to Mumbai – she was like a Devi and deserved everyone’s respect. Charan offered his apologies once more.

Dada ji insists that she was our saviour from some problem. Like a grandchild, I am willing to try and help in any way I can. Tanu informs us that the police is in pursuit of her so we must find Charan who is supposed to have the divorce papers, already signed by her. Faltu will meet him but, Ayaan stresses that even if found, the papers won’t be able to reach their destination due to what will be thought and all of this must be resolved quickly. Faltu does not want to have miscommunication with them again but now concedes that divorce papers are the reality of their relationship—Ayaan wants divorce so it’s alright.

She signs the documents, and he tells her that he will dispatch them to their house, suggesting that they go to Ittarpur in the evening. Yet she refuses, believing that everybody would mock him if they brought her along. He pleads for her to come with him, but she is adamant and insists that they wait until he can proudly introduce her. His coughing interrupts their conversation and she runs off to get him some water. At this point, Neil arrives and remarks on her still being there; she has no time for explanations or an argument with him as he father requires her attention. When Neil persists in chastising her, she throws the cup of water at his face.

Charan gets water from her. When Neil asks Dada ji if he is okay, he says yes. He says I warned you not to trust her, she called her gang member, call the police, these people are dangerous. Dada ji asks what you’re saying. Faltu and Charan are asked to leave by Neil, who says they’re thieves.


The goons attack Faltu and Charan. Neil comes and fights the goons. Faltu smiles.


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