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Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 3rd July 2023 Episode Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ruhaan contemplating whether to intervene and help or not, concerned about the potential scene that might be created. Sid asks Ayaan how he’s feeling, while Tanu offers assistance after mentioning that Ayaan’s car sank into the water. Ayaan requests for Faltu, and Tanu instructs Sid to fetch medicines. Tanu advises Ayaan that everyone is worried about him and that he shouldn’t have gone out. She adds that he should only worry about himself and not Faltu. She apologizes, stating that he wouldn’t be able to handle the truth about Faltu. Faltu catches sight of Ruhaan and reprimands him. Tanu informs Ayaan that Faltu is with Ruhaan, but he denies it, asserting that his Faltu would never do such a thing.

Tanu shows Ayaan Ruhaan and Faltu together, causing Ayaan to cry. Ruhaan offers his assistance, but Faltu scolds him. Tanu prevents Sid from going to them and lies to him, suggesting that Faltu and Ruhaan might indeed be involved in something. She believes they should go to Ayaan as he needs them. Ayaan collapses, and Sid catches him. Faltu urges Ruhaan to leave and warns him that people pay for their mistakes. Ruhaan departs, and Sid notices Faltu.

Faltu expresses her desire to go and see Ayaan once, but Tanu stops her, remarking that Ayaan is very emotional. Faltu insists, but Tanu informs her that Ayaan doesn’t want to see her and is extremely angry. Tanu apologizes and cries. Sid arrives and scolds Faltu. Faltu declares that she will never show her face to Ayaan again. Tanu tries to explain, but Faltu leaves. Janardhan and Savita are concerned, and Savita suggests going to the hospital. Sumitra advises them to call and check if they are coming home. Tanu and Sid arrive, and Tanu announces that Faltu will not come anymore.

Faltu reflects on Ayaan and cries, contemplating the futility of their relationship. Ayaan expresses his hatred towards Faltu, telling her to go away. Faltu retaliates, stating that she doesn’t want to meet him and that he shattered her trust. She promises to never see him again. Ayaan becomes increasingly agitated, but the nurse intervenes. Janardhan affirms that he knew Faltu wouldn’t leave Ayaan behind as she cares for him. Tanu informs them that Faltu left and Ruhaan came to take her.

Dadi questions why Faltu would do that when she knows what happened. Tanu claims she informed her, lying to them. Savita cries and declares that Faltu has made her own choices. Tanu explains that Ayaan was panicking and had been given sleeping pills. Sid states that mentioning Faltu’s name will only agitate him further. Savita directs her anger towards Faltu, grieving for Ayaan.

Faltu borrows a phone to call Charan, expressing her concern about how to break the news to him without causing too much worry.


Faltu speaks to her parents and reveals that Ayaan has tarnished her character, making it impossible for her to stay with someone who doesn’t respect her. Ayaan insists that everything cannot end this way and leaves the hospital.

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