Faltu 11th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan’s haldi beginning. Dadi does the tilak. Faltu watches from far. Suhana records the function. Everyone applies haldi to Ayaan. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. She wonders what’s going on with me. Suhana says it’s love, my online fans love Ayaan. Ayaan thanks everyone, then says Suhana has to apply haldi to me, she forgot. Ayaan says Suhana is sorry and applies haldi to him.

No, Fatu thinks, my heart is mad. She prays for the happiness of the house. Suhana says we will dance and have fun. Savita says we’ll send haldi to Tanisha. Rather than giving Tanisha my applied haldi, Ayaan thinks there should be a modern twist to it. If I touch the haldi and Tanisha applies it, then… Savita says but that’s the point. Ayaan says that rasam is disrespectful. Savita asks if pandit ji agrees. Pandit says yes. Ayaan says he granted permission.

Suhana believes Tanisha is blessed to have found a husband who respects women, adding that they are very fortunate. Meanwhile, Dadi instructs Faltu to apply haldi on Ayaan. Sid and Tanisha have a conversation, where he plans for them to attend his best friend’s bachelorette party; a long drive followed by the celebration. Tanisha is eager and agrees with the plan, but expresses her worry of missing Ayaan. Sid then reassures her that she must enjoy her freedom while she can, as marriage and children will consume much of her life, since Ayaan won’t be able to join in on the partying.

He asks her to keep this to herself. He says I was planning on inviting Faltu as well. The girl asks if Faltu is coming to the night club. Sid says yes. The girls joke. He says I’ll be careful. He thinks Tanisha will have my colours after my plan becomes successful. Dadi asks Faltu to apply haldi. Sumitra asks why you’re asking Faltu to do it, what’s the connection between them? Bua says humanity.

Upon applying the haldi, Faltu lifts the bowl. She holds Ayaan’s hand, allowing the haldi to get on her hands. Kumkum says I’ll take the tray. Dadi says she’ll take it. Bua says this tray is too big, we’ll get someone else to take it. Sumitra agrees, keep her away from our family traditions. Dadi says she’s auspicious. Faltu says it doesn’t matter who takes this tray. Dadi says I want you to do this work, so go and do your duty. Faltu agrees.

We need to go to the academy, so Bua wonders how long Faltu will be busy here. Pratap angrily argues with Angoori because of Faltu. She beats him and asks him to apologize. He says Charan and family are suffering because of you, but she says it’s their daughter’s fault, not mine. Faltu has no wrong doing, she can live her life as she pleases; you want her to marry Pappi.

Angoori says I want her to get married. He asks her to have shame. He scolds her. He says I won’t eat food until Charan and Jamuna eat food. She tells him to go and die of hunger. Som and I will get married, your bahus will trouble you, you will know when a daughter is born, he says. She gets angry at him.

Kanika waits for haldi. Faltu and Suhana get the haldi. Tanisha poses for pictures. Faltu sees the decoration wall falling over Tanisha. She shouts Tanisha, move. She gives the haldi to someone and runs. Ayaan watches. Kanika catches the wall falling down. Faltu pulls Tanisha down and saves her, but Tanisha gets injured. Ayaan asks Tanisha if she’s all right. Everyone comes.

Dadi asks Faltu whether he is fine. Faltu says yes. Janardhan asks what happened here. Suhana says Tanisha was getting pics taken, and the setup was falling over her, but Faltu saved her. Sumitra says another accident was caused by Faltu. Govind asks what’s up. In addition to splashing dirt on Janardhan, his meeting was canceled, Mom was getting burned, think what we would do if she died, the mehendi bowl fell in the temple, Tanisha was almost dead today.

Ayaan says it didn’t happen, since Faltu came here, she made the bad omen go away, she saved Dadi, then mehendi bowl, and now Tanisha, and you are scolding her for it. Pappi smiles at Sumitra. She says yes, but accidents didn’t happen at our house before she came, so I’m afraid something bad would happen to your marriage due to her.

All this is meaningless to Ayaan, she says. Truth is, it exists. She asks Janardhan to say, it’s a big sign. Dadi tells her to stop telling stories. Govind says you’re making Tanisha worry more, come with me. Sumitra replies that she won’t, that she’s a member of this family and is worried about it as well. Govind shouts at her. You just scold me, you don’t get anyone else. Ayaan says you’ve said wrong about Faltu.

Dadi asks Tanisha not to think of Sumitra’s words. Tanisha says yes. She goes and thanks Faltu for saving her. Faltu saved my life and the relationship between the two families, she made the floral jewellery and made it special for me, and she has made this with a clean heart, she had warded off all bad omen from my marriage, so you are precious to me. I respect you more today, Tanisha, Ayaan thinks I have never seen this before.


Faltu agrees to help Govind. Pappi catches her.

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