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Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 7th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Angoori taunts Faltu at the beginning of the episode. Ayaan says it’s not Faltu’s fault. Jamuna scolds Faltu. Ratan stops Angoori and says Faltu has become rich, she will help us as well. They smile. Faltu claims I was running away from Ayaan, but I don’t know when I got close to him, it’s not our fault. Ayaan filled Sindoor in Faltu’s maang before marrying me, Tanisha says yes, she’s right. Ayaan says Faltu has hidden this matter for our happiness. Jamuna shouts at Faltu and says you have cheated us. Tanisha says stop, stop. They are coming to ask for your permission, accept their relationship now.

Charan says Faltu won’t get any permission, she is dead to me. She asks Faltu to go with Ayaan. Ratan says we will lose our name if we let her stay here. Charan refuses. Faltu cries. Tanu smiles. Tanu is taken to the guest house by Angoori and Pratap. She claims it’s the best room in our guest house, Ayaan also stayed here when he visited our village.

He says it’s lovely. They talk. Angoori decides to pamper Faltu now. She tells Tanu to take a break. She leaves. Tanu calls someone and says, “Do my work, send me an offer.” Faltu asks Charan to talk to her. She says I just wanted to become a cricketer, Ayaan… He tells her to stop lying.

Ayaan comes. Charan says you both have stabbed my trust, I m going out, I feel suffocated here. He leaves. Faltu cries. Some people come and tell Charan about the desert camp organized for the kids. Is it possible for you to arrange their stay and food in your guest house?

Tanu thanks the man for sending his people. Charan refuses. The man says you can tell us later. The lady says you’ll make a lot of money. Charan says he can’t do the work, and apologize. Faltu says we’re all here, so take the job. He says he will handle it. She asks him to take the contract. Jamuna says yes. Everyone explains to him. Charan agrees.

Sid meets the lawyer. Tanu smiles. The lawyer asks whether you submitted Tanu and Ayaan’s divorce papers; Ayaan doubted that the address was incorrect; she asked me to check the papers; she has gone to a small village for business, and there is no network there; you don’t call her, you check the papers. The lawyer gets the papers and says the address is right. Sid coughs and says he cannot breathe. The lawyer gives him a glass of water.

Sid acts. The lawyer says wait, I’ll call the doctor. He leaves. Sid changes the papers. The lawyer asks if you’re okay. Sid says yes, I’ll tell Tanu everything is fine. He leaves. Ayaan tells Dadi we have reached here. Tanu is also with us. Dadi asks if you talked to Charan. Charan says yes, but he isn’t happy. He isn’t talking to Faltu like Mum isn’t talking to me.

Dadi says not to worry about Ayaan. Savita says Janardhan threatened to expel Ayaan from the house if he revealed his birth truth. Dadi asks what. Savita says that he will ruin Ayaan. It won’t happen, Dadi says, I’m there, don’t cry, Ayaan’s happiness lies with Faltu; I’ll speak to Janardhan. He says your dad is busy with camp work. She says he is very upset about this. He says it’s because of me. She says no, I have to convince Charan to accept my help.

Faltu wonders how this is possible. Ayaan smiles. Angoori says that Ayaan will become Jamaisa in a few days. Ayaan goes on a call. Faltu asks if this is a dream. Pratap replies that she is faking love to win Ayaan’s heart for money. Faltu smiles.


Faltu says that Udit Narayan and Aditya Narayan will be our special guests at the Ittarpur kids camp.

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