Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Upon returning from special class, Sai asks Vinu to stay back as she has some work with him and asks Savi to wait outside. Savi asks why she only has worked with Vinu Dada. Sai replies that it’s a surprise. Vinu asks what surprise Sai has for Savi. Sai says she wants to tell him something important. Pakhi notices Savi sitting outside on a bench and asks about Vinu. Pakhi asks where Vinu is and Savi informs her that Vinu is with Sai in the classroom. She asks what Sai is doing at school. Savi says she can accompany them.

Virat reaches and asks Savi why did Pakhi run in. Savi reveals the same to him. He also runs in. Pakhi finds Vinu missing, and Virat enters. Virat calms Pakhi down and says they must be in the school itself. Pakhi says Sai won’t stop conspiring and is trying to manipulate Vinu. Sai takes Vinu to the terrace and shows him the picture of her and baby Vinu. Vinu asks if the baby is Savi. Sai says it’s her and Savi’s elder brother. Vinu asks if Savi has another elder brother.

She wonders why he came to Kankavali for a camp rather than go somewhere else and why she could treat him when Nagpur has a number of competent doctors. Vinu says it’s God’s plan. Savi asks why he considers her as his mother and Savi as his younger sister. Vinu nods yes. Virat and Pakhi search the whole school for them. She tells him that God made all this happen so she could meet her baby. Vinu says he doesn’t understand anything. Sai tells him that he is her.

As Pakhi pulls Vinu up, she shouts at Sai to keep away from Vinu and pushes her away. She asks Vinu if Sai told him that she was not his doctor aunty but his mother. Vinu stands in shock as heavy winds blow and things around start falling down. Ashwini becomes worried about Vinu. Sonali says he must have gone to his real mother. Bhavani yells at her to stop calling Sai Vinu’s mother as Pakhi is Vinu’s mother.

Pakhi shouts at Sai, asking if she informed Vinu that she is his real mother yet. Sai says she hasn’t. Virat tries to calm Pakhi. As Pakhi pushes him away, she asks Vinu if he will leave her and stay with Sai. Virat asks her to leave him as it is hurting him. Pakhi continues to emotionally manipulate Vinu.

In the background, Lukka Chuppi… song plays. Vinu leaves her hand and walks toward Sai. Pakhi breaks down even more. Vinu asks Sai if Mama is telling the truth that she is his real mother. Sai hugs him and says she is his real mother. Virat asks Virat if doctor aunty is telling the truth. Sai says he is her baby in that picture.

Vinu shivers in fear when Pakhi emotionally manipulates him not to leave her. Virat says Vinu is afraid and tries to calm him down. Sai extends her hand and asks Vinu to come to his aayi. Pakhi also calls him and breaks down more when Vinu talks to Sai. Vinu shouts at Sai to get away from him as he pushes her away.

Vinu jumps with joy as Pakhi packs their bags for Mumbai. Sai and Savi reach Chavan Nivas and say she has returned there.

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