Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Amba questions Sai about her lack of shame, to which Sai responds by clarifying any misunderstanding. The police suddenly arrive and the inspector reveals their intention to arrest Virat. Curious, Sai inquires about who filed the complaint against him, and Amba confesses that she did so because she found Virat with her ex-husband while she was busy serving them. Amba accuses Virat of attempting to murder Satya and requests the inspector to arrest him. However, Sai asks for evidence against Virat’s alleged crime. In response, Amba presents Virat’s phone as proof and claims that Satya is fighting for his life while Virat is at home resting comfortably. She points out that both were in the same car during the accident and questions how one could be safe while the other is gravely injured. Sai intervenes by asking Alka to explain the situation to Amba and warns the inspector that he cannot arrest a DCP without proper evidence. However, the inspector retaliates by reminding her not to obstruct his duty. Just then, Maddy calls Sai with good news, informing her that Satya has regained consciousness.

After arriving at the hospital, Sai inquires about Satya’s condition with the doctor. The doctor reassures that he is improving. Curious about what transpired between Satya and Virat the previous night, Sai asks for details. Satya recalls encountering Virat on the auditorium terrace and not recalling anything after that point. Worried for Virat’s well-being, Sai urges Satya to try to recollect more details. However, Satya insists that he has no memory of what occurred on the terrace or afterward. Sai then discloses that Amba had Virat arrested for trying to murder him and implores Satya to attempt to recall what truly happened in order to prevent Virat from going to jail. As the pressure mounts, Satya begins experiencing a headache and Maddy encourages him to relax. Fearing for his friend’s future, Sai requests that Satya ask his mother to retract her complaint against Virat. However, Satya acknowledges that it is unlikely his mother will listen to him.

Sai reassures Satya that Virat is not capable of harming anyone. However, Satya remains skeptical due to past incidents involving Virat, such as causing trouble at their wedding and making threats against his life a few days ago. Despite this, Sai maintains her trust in Virat’s innocence. Satya admits to trusting Virat more than necessary, to which Sai agrees and challenges him to prove Virat’s innocence. Just then, Amba arrives and warns Sai not to prioritize her ex-husband over her current husband, stating that she is perfectly capable of taking care of her son. Sai clarifies that she cares for Satya but it is currently her duty to clear the name of her children’s father. With determination, she shows the proof (Satya’s prescription) to Satya and makes her way towards the police station, determined to fulfill her duty.

At the police station, Ninad, Ashwini, and Bhavani urge him to recall the events of last night. Virat claims he has no memory of what happened. Just then, Sai enters. Ashwini mentions that Sai is aware of Virat’s character and knows he couldn’t have done anything wrong. Sai approaches Virat and expresses her desire to speak with him. In his usual arrogant manner, he rudely declines and tells her to go back to Satya. However, Sai insists that it’s crucial for them to discuss what transpired between him and Satya. Bhavani accuses Sai of being in cahoots with Amba in order to get Virat arrested. Unfazed by Bhavani’s accusations, Sai retorts that she doesn’t have time for arguments and is determined to prove Virat’s innocence by any means necessary. Bhavani scoffs at her display of fake concern and warns her against taking any action.

Upon reaching the scene of the accident, Sai searches for evidence. In an ATM nearby, she finds a CCTV camera. She calls the watchman and asks him to show her the footage since an accident took place there last night. Sai calls inspector Kadam and asks him for help. The watchman says he can’t show her the footage right away and needs police permission. As Satya is discharged from the hospital, the doctor asks his family to take care of him and let him rest completely until he recovers. Satya looks at the door waiting for Sai.

Amba asks Gowri to call Sai and make her realize her wife’s duty. Sai is busy looking at CCTV footage, so doesn’t pick up the call. Amba says Virat is more important to him than Satya. Sai notices Virat and Satya’s car passing by, so asks the watchman to zoom in. The presence of Virat in the car indicates that he may be a suspect. Sai checks the footage and sees Virat getting out of the car, saying that means Virat is innocent. Kadam informs inspector to release Virat.

The precap:

When Saavi looks at Sai and Virat’s wedding picture, she asks why baba didn’t invite her. Sai responds that she hadn’t met them. Saavi says baba loves her a lot, so she should reunite with him.

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