Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th July 2023 Written Update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th July 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

Seerat accuses Sahiba of knowing who Simran’s father is. Angad questions her sanity, as she herself is trying to find out the truth. Seerat confidently claims that she saw Sahiba speaking to Simran’s father earlier. Hansraj and Prabjyoth enter and ask about breakfast. Jasleen responds with a sarcastic remark about Sahiba’s drama. Seerat presses Sahiba to reveal the father’s identity. Angad asks for confirmation, while Akaal points out that if Sahiba had any information, she would have shared it already. Manveer adds that even Sahiba’s silence speaks volumes. Angad persists in his inquiry and Sahiba finally admits that she knows who Simran’s father is but refuses to disclose his identity.

Seerat claims she didn’t catch a glimpse of Simran’s father, otherwise she would have exposed him. Sahiba remembers Inder revealing that Manveer had threatened suicide ten years ago after news of his affair with Gayathri surfaced. Jasleen suggests that Sahiba must be keeping quiet about Simran’s parents because her mother may be of questionable character and her father possibly a coward. Manveer agrees with Jasleen and proposes sending Simran away from their home immediately. Jaspal raises concerns about keeping Simran in their household if her father is still alive. Akaal concurs with Jaspal, while Jagadish insists they do what is best for the family. In response, Sahiba maintains that Simran comes from a good family. Despite her explanation, the family continues to accuse Sahiba.

Despite his family’s shock, Inder accepts he is Simran’s father and Gayatri’s daughter. Manveer reminds Akaal of his promise 10 years ago that he would not contact Gayatri, but Inder continued his extramarital affair with Gayatri and had a baby. Inder apologizes for hiding the truth from Manveer and says he never met Gayatri after that. Seerat claims Inder was scared of his family, but Sahiba purposefully hid the truth and kept Manveer in the dark.

It is Manveer’s question to Sahiba to discover why she kept the truth despite knowing that an extramarital affair is the greatest sin a wife can commit. Sahiba answers that she knows, but she kept quiet because Inder wanted her to keep quiet. She describes how she met Simran and discovered her father only after she brought her home. Seerat claims she is lying and continues to accuse him. Angad believes her easily and continues to shout at Sahiba. Jasleen and Manveer also accuse Sahiba.

Inder says Sahiba is not lying and only recently learned the truth, and he had asked her to keep it hidden until he revealed it at the right time. Inder tries to convince her, but she walks away crying, stating that there is no timeframe for betrayal. Inder tries to convince her, but she walks away crying. Angad stops Inder from going behind Manveer and calls him by his name saying that his mother has no place for a betrayer. He warns him not to go near his mother, and continues to shout. The drama continues.


Sahiba asks Angad to stop singing a song hoarsely beside the pool. Angad expresses his love for her. Sahiba asks if he will not support her regarding Simran.

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