Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upon Chavans’ return home, Mohit is asked to check if Virat is in his room. Bhavani expresses her distrust for Satya and questions why Virat went with him. Ashwini intervenes and urges Bhavani to stop blaming. Upon Mohit’s return with news that Virat is not in his room, Vinu wonders if their father has also abandoned them like their mother did. Ashwini shuts down the negative thought and ponders on where Virat could be. Sai reaches the hospital with Satya’s family and is shocked upon seeing his condition. Amba breaks down as Satya remains unresponsive. The doctor reveals that Satya sustained severe injuries and lost consciousness after vomiting, resulting in a critical condition. Sai inquires about an MRI, to which the doctor confirms it has been done but they are awaiting the report with a possibility of anything happening. Satya is taken away on a stretcher while Amba asks Sai what the doctor meant by “anything can happen.” Sai informs her that Satya suffered a head injury and there may be internal damage, causing Amba to worry if her son will survive or not. Sai advises her against having negative thoughts.

Amidst Amba’s questioning for Virat’s whereabouts, Sai realizes she must locate him. Heading to reception, she inquires about the source of her information on Satya’s accident. A ward boy confesses that he delivered the news after finding Satya injured in his car, which had collided with a hospital wall. Eager to reach the scene, Sai enlists his help. While searching for Virat, she spots his phone on the ground and retrieves it. Ashwini reprimands Virat for leaving without informing anyone and expresses concern for his safety. As Sai reveals the truth about Virat’s disappearance due to Satya’s accident, Amba interrupts with news that the doctor wants to speak with her. Informed family members are plagued by worries over both Satya’s critical condition and Virat’s absence. Bhavani blames Sai, claiming her marriage to Satya has fueled an intense rivalry between him and Virat. Ninad decides to visit Satya at the hospital himself.

The doctor shows x-rays to Sai, revealing that she has sustained fractures in her hand and head. It appears as though someone had hit her with a heavy object. However, the doctor can only provide more information after receiving the results of an MRI scan. This news causes Amba to become even more anxious. Suddenly, Ninad and Mohit approach them and Ninad inquires about Satya’s condition. Amba immediately accuses Virat of attempting to kill Satya. Sai vehemently denies this, stating that she knows Virat would never do such a thing. Amba insists that she saw Virat’s phone near Satya’s car and believes that he is responsible for her son’s injuries. She declares that she will file a police complaint against him. Trying to calm Amba down, Ninad reminds her to stay composed while Sai agrees, acknowledging that Amba is in distress at the moment. She urges them not to make any rash decisions based on assumptions and instead wait until Satya regains consciousness and reveals what truly happened. At this time, their focus should be on ensuring Satya’s recovery rather than accusing anyone without evidence. Sai instructs Mohit to take Ninad home and search for Virat while Ninad agrees

Ashwini and Bhavani make calls to Virat’s contacts but are unable to reach him. Mohit and Omkar return from their search for Virat, explaining that they were unable to locate him. Meanwhile, Gowri provides comfort to Amba. The doctor informs Sai that only one person can stay with the patient, prompting Sai to ask the family to leave so she can stay with Satya. However, Amba refuses to go until Satya wakes up. Eventually, Sai suggests that she will go home and retrieve Satya’s clothes before allowing Amba to return. At home, Sai is shocked to find a heavily intoxicated Virat knocking on her door and insisting on speaking with her. She invites him in and tends to his needs, making sure he gets some rest on the couch. In the background, the title track of the show plays as Sai breaks down at the sight of Virat’s condition and remembers their happier times together. When Amba arrives home with Alka, she is taken aback by the scene of Sai caring for Virat. She demands an explanation as to why Sai brought her ex-husband – who had previously attempted to kill her current husband – into their home. However, Sai calmly explains


Virat says even he does not know anything after they met on the terrace. Sai questions Virat and he says he does not know either. Bhavani accuses Sai of getting Virat arrested. Sai assures her that she will find out the truth about what happened.

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