Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th October 2023 Written Episode: Savi’s Determination to Prove Innocence


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi reassures Isha that she won’t leave Pune with the label of being expelled and won’t let her parents’ aspirations be shattered. The college administration made a mistake, but Savi is determined to stand up for herself and prove her innocence. Isha advises her to write a letter to the vice-chancellor, urging him to reevaluate her exam and investigate the situation further. Savi gratefully thanks Isha and Shantanu for their backing. Meanwhile, Nishikant scolds Durva for cheating on her exam and forbids her from returning to college in the future.

Asmita asks him to calm down. Nishi blames her for informing Ishan about Durva’s cheating and creating this issue. He shouts who Ishan is to accuse Durva and leaves Bhosale’s house. Surekha calms down Ishan after Durva’s heinous act. As a result of Durva’s heinous act, Ishan always apologizes to Savi in front of her. Surekha says he shouldn’t apologize to Savi, but Ishan says he has to apologize to Savi now. They hear Nishi’s argument and rush out.

Nishi remains determined to confront Ishan for his mistreatment of Durva, despite Surekha’s pleas for her to stay. Unable to understand Ishan’s behavior, she decides to leave the house. Surekha worries that they will have to split the house if Nishi insists on going. Yashwant reassures them that he considers Nishi and Shantanu as his children, entrusted to him by their father, and he never wants them to leave.

Nishi has a meltdown and decides to stay put. He requests Surekha to serve him food as he’s feeling hungry quickly. He then goes to summon Ishan for dinner. Surekha warns Yashwant not to relax, as this could be a precursor to an upcoming storm. Nishi approaches Ishan and receives an apology from him, along with assurance that it was never his intention to hurt him. Nishi asks Ishan not to repeat his actions from earlier and expresses his love for him, reminiscing about how he used to change his diapers in childhood. Ishan becomes bashful. Nishi invites him over for dinner, and they both partake in it together. Afterwards, Ishan contemplates how to make things right with Savi. Even though he doesn’t believe she will take his call, he knows he must do what’s fair and just for her.

He called Shantanu the following day and informed him that a board meeting was scheduled for noon. This morning, Shantanu asks why he invited him to yesterday’s meeting if it was because he would have opposed their injustice towards Savi. As Savi has already been rusticated, he asks what the agenda is for today’s meeting. After Ishan does not respond, he asks him again to attend a meeting with Savi since Savi will not pick up his phone. Shantanu informs Savi of the meeting.


In front of her parent’s photo, Savi apologizes for disappointing them. Ishan asks what she’s doing here, and he’s been searching for her everywhere. Savi says she disappointed her parents and doesn’t deserve to stay in this city. Ishan holds her hand and says he didn’t see a brilliant student like her; he was a roadblock to her success, and now he will help her succeed.

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