Barsatein 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh’s Bold Moves and Aradhana’s Dilemma Unfold


Barsatein 28th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

He calls the contractor and says I want everything ready by 9 pm, and Kriti provokes him. She asks what will you do? He says I will host the dinner party, and Aradhana will be my bride. He leaves. He says he hopes Mom likes the food. Aradhana says relax, everything will be fine. He says my mum’s taste is refined, and he helps her cook. As she says, I will do everything I can to please her so I will not let Reyansh ruin our future.

Varun and Nita come. Jagruti and Aradhana laugh at his nose. Nita says you guys are making fun of my son. Varun asks if you could imagine seeing Jai like this. Jai says I just helped them. Nita taunts him for cooking. She says nothing is ready, we would have come late. Jai says we will get the food. Nita says Aradhana’s influence is evident on Jai. Bhakti comes and asks what happened.

Nita compliments Aradhana’s talent while Bhakti announces that dinner is ready. Aradhana serves the meal while Varun makes a sarcastic comment about the plates. Jagruti clarifies that they are silver plates, and Jai applauds her for standing up to Varun. Nita admires the food and asks about Jai’s contribution. He reveals that he made everything except for the salad, which Aradhana expertly prepared despite being busy with studies. Bhakti adds that Aradhana also makes delicious kheer, and they decide to start with it for the meal. Nita reminds Varun to clean his spoon before eating, and Bhakti suggests using a tissue. Just then, there is a knock at the door.

When the neighbors inquire about Harsh’s whereabouts, Aradhana responds that he went out for some business. The man then reveals that our colony has been sold overnight. Upon hearing this news, Aradhana asks for clarification, and the man explains that a new board has already been installed and promises to improve everyone’s living conditions. Bhakti questions how they could do this without obtaining NOC from us. The man asserts that it is a positive development as Lamba, the son of a hotel owner, now owns the entire society. Nita points out that they had even invited them over to their home, which has also been sold. After discussing it further, Aradhana and her companions visit the Lambas’ house and discover the new “Aransh” society board. The men continue to talk about the situation at hand.

Reyansh proudly announces that he has purchased the society while Aradhana watches. He then proceeds to distribute sweets to everyone present. Seeing that no one is eating them, he decides to indulge himself and remarks that this was a dream shared by him and his dear friend Aransh. He affectionately tells Aradhana that this society is a testament to their friendship and assures her that she will have everything she desires here. An onlooker praises Reyansh as an angel. However, Bhakti questions his ability to make such a decision without consulting anyone else, stating that he cannot be trusted. Reyansh responds by saying that he made a promise to someone who was disrespected and intends to fulfill it by bringing her name into this society with honor. This brings back the memory of his promise.

Aradhana takes him. Varun says Aradhana is marrying someone, but she is holding someone else’s hand. Nita asks what all this drama is about. Jai’s engagement broke once, and Aradhana held someone else’s hand. Bhakti says she is removing him from her life. Nita asks Jai to do whatever he wants. She leaves with Varun. Bhakti says Reyansh came to buy us, not society. Aradhana and Reyansh argue. She says I will marry Jai; he thinks it will be challenging.

As Reyansh sees Aradhana’s pictures, he says, “Those days will come back. You hate me, and we hate those we love, too.” You keep talking to her picture, and Jai will marry her, do something. I hate her, and I’m helpless. That’s why I’m here to help you. He says marriage won’t happen. I’m Reyansh Lamba. Aradhana knows what I can do.

Jai and Aradhana get busy at work. She says I’ll work and divert my mind, Jai says it’s hard to forget your first love, I fell in love too, so I’m doing this for you. Reyansh says Aradhana is marrying for jealousy. Kriti says I want my Jai. Jai says let me know if you have any second thoughts. Aradhana thanked him for supporting me and said I’m always here. He leaves. She arranges a meeting with someone else.

The man meets Reyansh. Reyansh says you know what to do next. The man asks why you are letting your rival know this. Reyansh says you have to give everything away for something. Aradhana wonders where that man is. If Reyansh finds out about this, he will defeat Jai again. Jai shouldn’t suffer any further losses because of me.

The man approaches her and requests security assistance. She inquires for more detailed information. He then requests a drink of water, which he later spikes. She ultimately agrees to have some water. In the meantime, Reyansh contacts Kriti and informs her that she needs to prepare for a singing and dancing performance at the sangeet (pre-wedding celebration) today. However, Kriti expresses doubt about the marriage taking place. Reyansh insists that the sangeet will still happen. Kriti suggests that he could redeem himself by convincing Jai to marry Aradhana instead, but she hesitates to finish her thought. Meanwhile, Reyansh confidently declares that he will ensure Aradhana attends the sangeet no matter what. As if on cue, Aradhana drinks the spiked water.


If you go, I will lose myself. Reyansh gets Aradhana home. Jai scolds him.

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