Barsatein 16th November 2023 Written Episode: Aradhana’s Departure and Reyansh’s Revelation


Barsatein 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aradhana apologizing, Jai, I don’t want to hurt your heart. I’m returning to Delhi, but I have some work to complete, so I won’t be able to see you again. She leaves. The inspector arrives at the office and says he has come to arrest Jai for insider trading. Kriti and Reyansh taunt Jai for his honesty. Jai asks if you have any proof. Kriti replies I have no idea what Jai did behind my dad’s back. The inspector advises them to go to the police station.

Jai remembers signing the papers and handing them over to Reyansh, expressing his complete trust in him. He reassures the inspector that he will come along willingly, having already signed the necessary documents. Pulling Reyansh aside, he remarks on how satisfied he must feel now that he has achieved his goal. Kriti playfully jokes about how their love story now has a classic villain character. Jai nods in agreement before being escorted by the police.

Meanwhile, Vikram and Aradhana arrive at the scene. Aradhana recalls Vikram’s desperate plea for her to save Jai from Reyansh’s trap. She confronts Reyansh, scolding him for his actions. Reyansh defends himself by saying all is fair in love and war. Kriti intervenes, telling him he is fired and should leave immediately. She then turns to Aradhana and berates her for being unable to save Jai from this ordeal.

Aradhana says this is my father’s company. She responds, “No problem, I’m leaving.” Aradhana exits the room. Reyansh comments, “We never had this deal.” Kriti retorts, “It’s my deal. I made her leave the office, not your life. Do whatever you want.” She also exits the room. In the meantime, Beena listens to some songs, and soon after, Kadambari arrives at her cafe. Beena starts shouting and tells Kadambari to sit on a chair instead of a stool. Beena makes snide remarks towards Kadambari and says the stool reminds her of her deceased husband, who used to flirt with others while he was alive. Feeling sorry, Kadambari apologizes and says she will sit on a chair instead. Beena responds by saying she will get coffee for her guest and then leave the room.

Beena sends a message to Vivek and says, “I admire your dad; he’s pretty handsome. I always thought he loved Aradhana, but unfortunately, he turned out to be toxic and caused a lot of damage. Kadambari agrees and expresses her concern for Aradhana, mentioning that she wants to guide her son VK and make him understand. Beena then chuckles and adds that it’s a little too late now. She comments on how wealthy people treat life like a book – Viren paid for his love with his daughter’s life, and Vivek’s son ruined his life. Poor Aradhana… Just then, Aradhana enters and explains that she was supposed to leave today but has some urgent work and requests Kadambari’s help.

Kadambari says okay, but Reyansh will follow you because I taught him to get ruined by love. Aradhana says yes, you didn’t teach him love, you could not understand that love does not mean achieving, he is unfortunate friendship as well, you can help me, come. She goes with Kadambari. The inspector asks Jai if anyone signed falsely. Jai says it’s a conspiracy against me. Reyansh approaches Jai and says he thinks I’m Jai’s family.

Jai remarks, “I knew you would come once your temper has subsided.” Despite their disagreement, he clarifies, “I am not trying to take Aradhana away from you. I have fallen in love and can’t help it.” Reyansh declares, “I will find a solution for this.” However, Aradhana defends Jai by stating that Reyansh lacks an understanding of love, friendship, and family dynamics. She adds, “You don’t comprehend the true essence of love, respect, and empathy.”

Furthermore, she reveals that she secured Jai’s release from jail and instructs him to accompany her. She instructs Reyansh to leave as she asserts herself by exclaiming, “Now be happy!” However, Reyansh refuses to back down, proclaiming that he still has much to accomplish. Nonetheless, Aradhana remains firm in her decision as she boldly states that she doesn’t care about anything but taking Jai away with her. She firmly holds Jai’s hand, leading him away from the situation.

Then Jai asks who told you. She replies Vikram told me. I know Reyansh did it. He says thanks for bailing me out. Jai says fine, I’ll come along. She says I’m going back to Delhi, Reyansh will do something until I’m here, I’m tired, I want to take care of my parents. She says no, handle your business and life, I’ll go, take care. He tells you too. She leaves.

Malini invites Viren to sit outside, assuring him it will make him feel better. Meanwhile, she goes to retrieve some soup for him. As he flips through old photos, Viren suddenly exclaims that Aradhana has betrayed him. In a fit of anger, he tosses the album aside. Malini inquires about the commotion, and Viren explains that he can no longer tolerate Aradhana’s presence in the house. He blames her for causing chaos in their lives – from his mistake, which led to Reyansh’s injury and Kimaya’s death, to her recent role in handling all of them for the past month. Trying to reason with him, Malini argues that, ultimately, Reyansh killed Kimaya and that Aradhana has been taking care of them all this time. However, Viren is adamant and expresses frustration at Malini’s inability to understand his point of view.

Viren scolds Aradhana. He says Malini, you wanted to oust her, why this sympathy now. Malini says she did a lot for us. He says yes, she killed Kimaya. Aradhana cries. It’s your wish that something happens to our other two daughters, he says. Aradhana says I’m leaving, and I’m sorry for coming here. Malini says not to say this; you’re also a part of this family.

Malini says Malini is innocent. You had an affair with Kadambari, and it was because of your past. Reyansh did this. Viren says no, she is the storm that ruined everything. Then Reyansh comes and says that Malini is right. I am the reason for your problems. Aradhana asks why he came. He replies that it was for you.


Reyansh dances and says come with me. There will be no one for you until I am alive. Bhakti congratulates you on coming home.

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