Kavya 19th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Unexpected Revelations and Shocking Accusations!


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The Episode starts with Adi telling his childhood story. He says Omi always defended me, which gave me courage and a good name in school. Omi cries. Kavya asks who is a man. Adi says a man fights for the weak and respects women. Alka says a man respects his wife and family. Omi kisses Alka. Kavya and Malini smile. People see the interview and agree. Kavya and Alka take Omi downstairs.

Alka says he spoke from his heart and got more than 10k views in less than half an hour. He is a hero to me today. The minister says we write speeches for the party but didn’t hear the courage and truth you spoke about today. It is true what Kavya says. People are ashamed to discuss this topic. Omi is a real hero. Does he not deserve to continue as head of the youth department or to attend this puja?

Seeing the papers, the minister smiled and said our leader should have the same qualities as Omraj Pradhan. Everyone chanted Omi’s name. Kavya asked who would sit in the puja. The minister said Omraj Pradhan, come. Giriraj smiled. Everyone looked on. Kavya asked Giriraj to come. She said you would do the puja just like every year, so please come. He went. They all did the puja. Adi and Kavya went aside. He said he couldn’t hide it any longer; Omi had killed Navya.

She is shocked. He apologizes. She asks him if you knew this, you didn’t tell me, you promised me, I don’t want to see your face. She pushes him away and runs. She gets the police to arrest Omi. Omi runs and gets shot. Adi imagines this. He takes Kavya by the hand. A little boy plays music. He surprises Kavya and says I lost my heart to you when we collided on the railway platform.

He expresses, “Even if I were to be reborn, my love for you would remain unwavering. Promise me that if I err, you’ll forgive me. Trust that I’ll never cause you harm.” She approves, curious about his change. He deflects, “It’s nothing.” They embrace, interrupted by Santu’s arrival. Alarmed, he alerts them about police presence. Rushing to the scene, they’re confronted by an inspector who identifies Kavya, summoning her for questioning regarding a missing person’s case. Adi seeks clarification, puzzled by the sudden turn of events, as the inspector presents the photo of the missing woman.

Anurag’s smile falls as the inspector addresses Adi, “You’ve been accused of threatening her. We have an eyewitness.” Adi’s voice rises in defense, “She’s my wife. What’s the matter?” Anurag interjects, “Asha is missing.” Adi immediately jumps in to defend Kavya. However, Anurag reassures him, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.” The inspector then instructs them to come to the police station. But Adi objects, “She can’t go!” Giriraj steps in and calmly suggests, “Wait a moment. Kavya is my younger daughter-in-law and the SDM for this area. Let me speak to the commissioner.” The inspector eventually leaves, and Giriraj reassures them again, “I’m with you. I’ll handle everything. Please go inside now.”

Anurag inquires about the game Giriraj is playing. In response, Giriraj confirms that it is a game of chess and reminds Anurag of their plan to overpower their mother’s influence and secure an IAS job for themselves. Giriraj confidently reassures Anurag that their scheme will succeed and asks if he is prepared for the next day. Anurag replies in the affirmative. Just then, Omi interrupts them and accuses Giriraj of orchestrating Asha’s kidnapping to frame Kavya. Upon being challenged by Omi, Giriraj gives him a stern look.

Meanwhile, Kavya reveals that Asha has gone missing. Malini expresses her disapproval, and Adi defends Kavya by stating that Asha first attempted to harm her. Adi takes responsibility to find a solution and save Kavya.

Kavya expresses concern for the woman with two children. Omi reveals that he followed Kavya’s orders and went too far, potentially leading to Kavya’s imprisonment if the woman is not found. Giriraj admonishes Omi for blindly obeying Kavya. Omi defends himself, stating that Kavya has shown him the truth about Giriraj’s intentions to harm his own wife’s fertility. Anurag interrupts, suggesting that Omi is not alone in knowing who killed Navya Bansal; Adi also holds this secret. This revelation takes aback Omi.


Adi says the blood reports have arrived. The inspector arrests Kavya. He is framed for Asha’s murder.

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