Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 17th November 2023 Written Update


Kavya 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Joshi asking Kavya not to report to the police. She says fine, but you need to give me a copy of the orders. He says I have burned it. She says I knew it, but head office also has a copy. He says yes, he will send it to you. She smiles and calls Anusha. Police arrest Joshi. Joshi says you said you wouldn’t report. She says you cheated the system, I cheated you and you got worried, I saved my dad, but now I must save my mother, mother India.

Joshi is taken away. Kavya expresses her gratitude to Anusha and embraces her. She suggests talking to Mayank and promptly calls him, requesting for the lawyer to be present at the police station. She informs him that she has obtained a copy of the orders and Rajeev will secure bail, but they need to prove that he did not accept the bribe. Adi and Sanjeev arrive at the police station, with Sanjeev complimenting Adi. Adi then asks Shubh to come over and hands him a file. Shubh inquires about it, questioning if it is part of Adi’s plan. To which, Adi confirms and explains that it was done to catch the real offender, as he is willing to take responsibility for his family’s actions.

Shubh asks why you aren’t giving this to Kavya. Shubh says yes, why are you making me do this. Adi says go and rescue Rajeev. Shubh thanks Adi and goes. Sanjeev asks Adi why are you doing this. Adi says it’s okay, Shubh needed it. Kavya argues with Sanjeev. Sanjeev says you know what Adi did. Adi says we come here for entertainment. He asks Sanjeev to come. Kavya leaves. Adi tells me, I don’t want anything, come home, mummy made poori aloo for you.

It will demonstrate Rajeev’s innocence. Kavya asks how to remove bribe charges from Rajeev’s record. Shubh says this file will prove it, Giriraj admits he sent money to your house. He reads the statement. He smiled at Kavya. Shubh replied, “I’ll go anywhere, you didn’t trust me, so forget about this, get the bail done.” The inspector checks the documents and releases Rajeev. Kavya smiles at Rajeev. Rajeev gets happy. He hugs Kavya and Mayank.

She asks the manager of the orphanage to pay the electricity bill and use the money for the kids. The man thanks her. Anjali and Gauri make arrangements at home. Anjali is worried. Gauri calls Shubh. Kavya brings Rajeev home. Anjali cries happily. Jaideep also comes. Anjali hugs Rajeev and Kavya. She cries. She asks Kavya not to cry. She says I’m happy. They all get ready, and do the aarti. Gauri instructs Shubh and Kavya. Adi prays with his family.

Mayank is asked to conduct the aarti by Anjali. She searches for him. Giriraj is upset. Malini asks him to have laddoos. He argues. He says I won’t let you make Kavya your bahu. Sanjeev and Adi begin fighting in Adi’s room. Malini looks on as they fight. She calls out Adi. They stop fighting. Then she asks Adi what you did, you gave Shubh the papers.

Mayank says come with me, Shubh is not right for Kavya, tell her everything, I heard everything at the police station. Sanjeev smiles.


In the party, Adi and Kavya dance together. Tum kya mile plays. Giriraj asks what’s going on. Kavya replies that she’s in love with Adi, not you. She walks over to Adi.

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