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Shiv Shakti

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Shiv offers his apologies to Manorama, and Mandira joins in, explaining that they have realized the wrong they have done and have come to make amends. Padma recalls asking Mandira about her plan, and she replied that the best way to prevent Shiv from believing Shakti’s lies is by gaining his trust. She then suggests going with Shiv to apologize, but the scene changes before anything else is said. Shakti is left wondering what Mandira’s motives are this time. Rimjhim points out that not everyone in their family has been disrespectful towards them. Shiv takes responsibility and apologizes on behalf of his father as well, while Chacha reassures them that it’s alright.

According to Manorama, our elders insulted us and then sent younger individuals to apologize. Shiv acknowledges that while he is younger, Mandira – who is like a mother to him – holds a higher position in our household and takes care of everything, including running the house, business, and hospital. He apologizes to Manorama for the insulting incident and explains that if Mandira had been present, it wouldn’t have happened. Shakti believes that by gaining Shiv’s trust, Mandira prevented him from trusting her words. Shiv also mentions that Mandira was occupied with trying to secure his release from jail, so she couldn’t prevent Ragunath from insulting their family. She also expressed gratitude for the help provided by Manorama’s family in front of God, despite the differences in social status between their families.

Mandira and Shiv have differing perspectives on the situation. Mandira believes that her actions in supporting the minister’s daughter were wrong, but Shiv has faith in her and thinks she can never make a mistake. Despite this, Mandira expresses gratitude for Shakti receiving a scholarship. For Shiv, Mandira has been an example of how to own up to both right and wrong actions. He shares that when he needs guidance, he turns to Chachi who has taught him the importance of apologizing and acknowledging mistakes. As they reconcile with Manorama, she is not easily swayed by apologies, but Mandira humbly asks for forgiveness on behalf of both of them.

Manorama explains that the situation is more complicated than we think. Chacha believes that we can resolve it. Mandira is certain that the matter will come to an end once Shakti forgives her for getting her son out of jail. With a sly smile, she approaches Shakti and expresses her gratitude. However, she also reminds Shakti of how she betrayed her trust yesterday. She then embraces Shakti and thanks her again before whispering, “Do you honestly think Shiv will side with you after he declared me as his moral compass?” She warns Shakti never to approach her again. Manorama reassures them that everything will be fine. Padma acknowledges their luck in having Mandira apologize.

After accepting our apology, Mandira expresses her gratitude and suggests it’s time to depart. Shiv interrupts to ask Shakti about something previously mentioned. Despite Shakti’s initial hesitation, he ultimately decides to speak up. Shiv and Mandira begin to leave, but Shakti cannot bear to see her suffer any longer. She embraces Mandira and apologizes for the past events. As Shiv witnesses this heartfelt moment, Shakti brings up the unpleasant topic of her family’s humiliation due to the news.

According to Mandira, the minister refuses to apologize. Should I make amends on their behalf? Shakti suggests that instead, we hold the minister accountable for their actions. Shiv has taught us to take action against injustice and be a part of finding solutions. He agrees with this approach. Shakti believes it is important to press the minister for an apology and reveal their wrongdoing. Manorama advises staying out of this situation. However, Shiv reaffirms that Shakti is right – both families have been affected by the minister’s actions. Shakti then asks if he will assist her in exposing the culprit. He responds with a definite yes.

Shakti explains that she senses a deliberate motive behind the recent events. Being trapped in the store room, the news article being published, and Shiv’s arrest – it all seems to be connected. We must uncover the mastermind behind these sinister acts. Shiv reassures her, reminding her that they are a united team. Shakti smiles and affirms their unwavering camaraderie. They will make sure justice is served. Mandira interjects, mentioning the dangerous minister involved in this ordeal. Shakti confidently responds with a chess reference, stating that she knows how to outsmart any enemy. Agreeing with her statement, Mandira adds that the minister is not to be underestimated. However, Shakti reminds them both that as long as she and Shiv stand together, there is nothing to fear. The two of them exchange a supportive glance while Mandira watches with displeasure.

Shiv calls people in the hospital to send CCTV footage.

Shiv will find out who locked Shakti in the store room, Padma says. Mandira says Shakti is digging a grave for Shiv.

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